ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1 ABS J-LAC 1.2-20 rohs pellet black 20 bag Kg. 11.200  6126_abs j-lac 1.2-20 rohs nero.pdf 1335_721.i abs j-lac 1.2-20 rohs .jpg 
2 ABS J-LAC 1.2-30 pellet black 30 bag Kg. 0  2449_abs j-lac 1.2-30 nero.pdf 202_30.i abs j-lac 1.2-30 .jpg 
3 ABS J-LAC 02-20 pellet black 15 bag Kg. 15.000  265_abs j-lac 02-20 nero.pdf 6202_16.i abs j-lac 02-20 .jpg 
4 ABS J-LAC 1.2-20 pellet white 9003 20 bag Kg. 0  4315_abs j-lac 1.2-20 bianco 9003.pdf 910_21.i abs j-lac 1.2-20 .jpg 
5 ABS J-LAC 1.2-20 uv pellet grey 7035 20 bag Kg. 4.000  4390_ABS J-LAC 1.2-20 GRIGIO 7035.pdf 1330_25.i abs j-lac 1.2-20 .jpg 
6 ABS J-LAC 01 FR V0 fr v0 pellet white 9003 30 bag Kg. 0  3276_979.g abs j-lac 01 fr v0.jpg 
7 ABS J-LAC 01 FR V0 fr v0 pellet grey 7035 20 bag Kg. 1.070  89_abs j-lac 01fr v0 grigio 7035.pdf 512_365.I abs j-lac 01-fr v0 .jpg 1189_809.i abs j-lac 01 fr v0 7035 .jpg 
8 ABS J-LAC 1.2 FR V0 fr v0 pellet black 15 bag Kg. 820  1581_abs j-lac 1.2 fr v0 nero.pdf 6123_1900.i abs j-lac 1.2 fr v0 .jpg 
9 ABS J-LAC 1.2 GF 17 gf 17 pellet black bag Kg. 19.100  442_abs j-lac 1.2 gf 17 nero.pdf 2138_485.I abs j-lac 1.2 gf17 .jpg 
12 ABS SINKRAL B432E pellet natural 4 original bigbag Kg. 6.836  86_abs sinkral b432e.pdf 6823_31.i abs sinkral b432e .jpg 251_204.i abs sinkral b432e .jpg 
14 ABS LG XR410 pellet natural 7 original bag Kg. 150  5286_abs lg xr410.pdf 466_1799.i abs lg xr410 .jpg 
19 ABS LUSTRAN 256 pellet natural 14 original bag Kg. 8.088  645_abs lustran 256.pdf 1247_205.i abs lustran 256 .jpg 
20 ABS NOVODUR HD15 pellet natural 15 original bigbag Kg. 3.000  8_abs novodur hd15.pdf 465_1098.i abs novodur hd15 .jpg 
22 ABS POLYLAC PA-727 pellet natural 19 neutral bag Kg. 244  4845_abs polylac pa-727.pdf 3162_2018.I abs polylac pa-727 .jpg 
23 ABS SINKRAL B4 pellet natural 20 original bigbag Kg. 13.861  2643_689.i abs sinkral .jpg 
25 ABS SINKRAL L322 pellet natural 26 original bag Kg. 5.297  495_abs sinkral l322.pdf 1274_997.i abs sinkral l322 .jpg 
28 ABS LG ER468 pellet natural 35 original bag Kg. 14.175  3993_abs lg er468.pdf 5055_1532.i abs Lg er468.jpg 
78 ABS ELIX P2H-AT pellet white 37 original bag Kg. 189  6610_abs elix p2h-at.pdf 1421_1395.i abs elix p2h-at .jpg 
100 ABS LATISTAT 36/MR-04 pellet black original bag Kg. 483  1985_abs latistat 36-mr-04.pdf 4743_489.I abs latistat 36-mr-04 .jpg 
101 ABS STAREX SR-0325LT pellet black 4 original bag Kg. 676  457_abs starex sr-0325lt.pdf 4964_1691.i abs starex sr-0325lt .jpg 
104 ABS NOVODUR HH106 termo 108 pellet black 6 neutral bag Kg. 343  991_abs novodur hh106.pdf 3828_292.i abs novodur hh106 .jpg 
110 ABS I^ pellet black 15 original bag Kg. 1.037  5558_570.i abs .jpg 
125 ABS LG HF380 pellet black 42 original bag Kg. 1.625  446_abs lg hf380.pdf 5495_1563.I abs lg hf380 .jpg 
130 ABS ROTEC HF4 pellet black 62 neutral bigbag Kg. 925  983_abs rotec hf4.pdf 4015_765.i abs romira hf4.jpg 
155 ABS LG XR409H pellet grey 7030 3 original bag Kg. 466  575_abs lg xr409-h.pdf 1274_1193.I abs Lg xr409h .jpg 
157 ABS CYCOLAC G360 termo 104 pellet grey 7016 8 original bag Kg. 400  3167_abs cycolac g360.pdf 3298_299.i abs cycolac g360 .jpg 
158 ABS LG XR401 pellet grey 9 original octabin Kg. 2.000  2707_abs lg xr401.pdf 983_936.i abs lg xr401 .jpg 
160 ABS TERLURAN GP22 pellet grey 7023 19 original bigbag Kg. 1.762  6293_abs terluran gp22.pdf 958_529.I abs terluran gp22 .jpg 
161 ABS ABISTIR RT UV uv pellet grey 20 original bag Kg. 948  566_138.I abs abistir rt uv .jpg 
180 ABS tipo P2H-AT pellet blue 37 neutral bigbag Kg. 8.250  3446_655.i abs .jpg 
185 ABS NOVODUR HD M203FC pellet beige 31 original bigbag Kg. 879  6013_abs novodur HD M203FC.pdf 1135_1627.i abs novodur hd m203fc .jpg 
191 ABS EVOSOURCE 4136 pellet green 24 original bag Kg. 200  4399_abs evosource 4136.pdf 1248_1919.I abs evosource 4136 .jpg 
200 ABS I^ pellet brown perlato 20 bag Kg. 293  315_609.i abs perlato .jpg 
218 ABS NOVODUR HD M203FC pellet purple 31 original bag Kg. 1.650  9200_abs novodur HD M203FC.pdf 340_779.i abs novodur hd m203fc.jpg 
219 ABS STAREX LX-0760 pellet purple 31 original bag Kg. 4.000  8240_abs starex lx-0760.pdf 331_519.I abs starex lx-0760 .jpg 
244 ABS NOVODUR P2HGV gf 17 pellet natural 3 original bag Kg. 2.425  14_abs novodur p2hgv.pdf 902_1794.i abs novodur p2hgv .jpg 
245 ABS NOVODUR P2HGV gf 17 pellet black 3 original bag Kg. 650  2751_abs novodur p2hgv.pdf 5468_1742.I abs novodur p2hgv .jpg 
270 ABS ROTEC 1001 UV fr v0 uv pellet white 47 original bag Kg. 1.995  6680_abs rotec 1001 fr v0-5.pdf 6189_1674.I abs rotec 1001 uv fr v0-5 .jpg 
290 ABS LG AF342F fr v0 pellet beige 1013 60 original bag Kg. 199  481_abs LG af342f.pdf 92_1264.I abs LG af342f .jpg 

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