ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
301 PC/ABS J-LOY P65 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 0  24_pc-abs j-loy p65 nero .pdf 
302 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T45PG pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 1.130  1735_pc-abs bayblend t45pg.pdf 4276_181.h pc-abs bayblend t45pg.jpg 
303 PC/ABS PULSE A35-105 pellet natural 17 bag Kg. 50  6502_pc-abs pulse a35-105.pdf 4150_455.h pc-abs pulse a35-105.jpg 
321 PC/ABS CYCOLOY MC8002 pellet black 9 neutral bag Kg. 130  3840_pc-abs cycoloy mc8002.pdf 4446_1344.g pc-abs cycoloy mc8002.jpg 
323 PC/ABS RADBLEND R20F320 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 100  2839_397.g pc-abs radiblend r20f320.jpg 
324 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T40XF pellet black 14 bag Kg. 118  4669_449.h pc-abs bayblend t40xf.jpg 
325 PC/ABS CYCOLOY C1000HF pellet black 15 bag Kg. 873  281_pc-abs cycoloy c1000.pdf 300_212.h pc-abs cycoloy c1000hf.jpg 
326 PC/ABS DYBLEND 80R pellet black 16 neutral bag Kg. 476  4062_322.h pc-abs dyblend 80r.jpg 
327 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T65XF pellet black 18 neutral bag Kg. 118  518_pc-abs bayblend t65xf.pdf 312_448.h pc-abs bayblend t65xf.jpg 
328 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T65HG pellet black 18 bag Kg. 146  1823_pc-abs bayblend t65hg.pdf 4482_451.h pc-abs bayblend t65hg.jpg 
329 PC/ABS BADALAC 130H UV AS pellet black 20 bag Kg. 500  5748_pc-abs badalac 130.pdf 384_431.h pc-abs badalac 130h uv as.jpg 
330 PC/ABS MABLEX 274F pellet black 22 bag Kg. 1.244  175_456.g pc-abs mablex 274fb.jpg 939_456.g pc-abs mablex 274fb.jpg 
331 PC/ABS ANJACOM R050/755 pellet black 27 bag Kg. 1.051  280_pc-abs anjacom r050-75s.pdf 2179_941.g pc-abs anjacom r050-75s 91012.jpg 
333 PC/ABS ROMILOY 1015/02 F UV pellet black 33 bag Kg. 106  2244_pc-abs romiloy 1015 f uv.pdf 4632_267.h pc-abs romiloy 1015-02 f uv .jpg 
334 PC/ABS I^ pellet white 9016 12 bag Kg. 55  4986_1342.g pc-abs.jpg 
335 PC/ABS BADALAC 130H UV AS pellet grey 7030 20 bag Kg. 778  35_pc-abs badalac 130.pdf 1368_430.h pc-abs badalac 130h uv as.jpg 
336 PC/ABS LUPOY HR5007A pellet grey 7021 21 bag Kg. 1.375  744_pc-abs lupoy hr5007a.pdf 2420_376.h pc-abs lupoy hr5007a.jpg 
337 PC/ABS LUPOY HR-5007AS pellet red 3000 24 bag Kg. 200  2350_pc-abs lupoy hr-5007as.pdf 2543_381.h pc-abs lupoy he-5007as.jpg 
340 PC/ABS LUPOY GP-2100 gf 10 pellet grey 7035 13 bag Kg. 525  31_pc lupoy gp-2100.pdf 345_383.h pc-abs lupoy gp-2100.jpg 
346 PC/ABS CYCOLOY EXCY0375 fr v0 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 1.048  1257_66.f pc-abs cycoloy excy0375.jpg 
348 PC/ABS EMERGE 7570EP fr v0 pellet black 48 bag Kg. 750  5568_pc-abs emerge 7570ep.pdf 3257_1261.d pc-abs.jpg 
350 PBT/ABS CYCOLOY 6110 fr v0 pellet white 9016 23 bag Kg. 100  1924_pc-abs cycoloy 6110.pdf 3168_489.h pc-abs cycoloy 6110.jpg 
351 PC/ABS BAYBLEND FR3005HF fr v0 pellet white 9003 40 bag Kg. 84  21_pc-abs bayblend fr3005hf.pdf 7458_1769.e pc-abs bayblend fr3005hf.jpg 
352 PC/ABS VAMPALLOY 0024 V0 13 fr v0 pellet grey 7004 25 bag Kg. 200  613_pc-abs vampalloy 0024 v0 13.pdf 2167_90.h pc-abs vampalloy 0024 v0 13.jpg 
361 PC/ASA SCHULABLEND M/MA 6401 CA U pellet natural 35 bag Kg. 887  68_pc-asa schulablend 6401 ca u.pdf 686_446.h pc-asa schulablend m-ma 6401 ca u .jpg 
362 PC/ASA SCHULABLEND M/MA 6401 CA U pellet black 35 bag Kg. 704  2523_pc-asa schulablend 6401 ca u.pdf 2217_447.h pc-asa schulablend m-ma 6401 ca u .jpg 
371 PC/PET INFINO AE-2030 pellet black 31 bag Kg. 2.343  5741_pc-pet infino ae-2030.pdf 24_1222.g pc-pet infino ae-2030.jpg 

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