ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
611 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T45PG pellet natural 12 original bag Kg. 99  5336_pc-abs bayblend t45pg.pdf 2012_1311.i pc-abs bayblend t45pg .jpg 
653 PC/ABS PULSE GX50 pellet natural 12 original bag Kg. 150  686_pc-abs pulse gx50.pdf 5075_1798.i pc-abs pulse gx50 .jpg 
654 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T45 pellet black 12 original bag Kg. 236  2003_1355.i pc-abs bayblend t45 .jpg 
655 PC/ABS tipo T85 pellet black 19 gaylor Kg. 443  5166_1398.i pc-abs t85 .jpg 
712 PC/ABS BAYBLEND M850XF pellet white 9003 25 original bag Kg. 997  2946_pc-abs bayblend m850xf.pdf 1522_1908.i pc-abs bayblend m850xf .jpg 
714 PC/ABS LUPOY HR5007A pellet grey 7038 5,3 original bag Kg. 200  427_pc-abs lupoy hr5007a.pdf 4767_344.i pc-abs lupoy hr5007a .jpg 
715 PC/ABS LUPOY HR5007A pellet grey 5,3 original bag Kg. 1.600  617_pc-abs lupoy hr5007a.pdf 5617_2788.h pc-abs lupoy hr5007-a.jpg 
720 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T65XF pellet grey 18 original bag Kg. 725  770_pc-abs bayblend t65xf.pdf 2480_1723.i pc-abs bayblend t65xf .jpg 
770 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T88-2N gf 10 pellet black original bag Kg. 1.208  654_pc-abs bayblend t88-2n.pdf 1971_1388.i pc-abs bayblend t88-2n .jpg 
791 PC/ABS LUPOY GN-5001RFH fr v0 pellet beige 1013 15 original bag Kg. 50  334_pc-abs lupoy gn5001rfh.pdf 902_2497.h pc-abs lupoy gn-5001rfh.jpg 
792 PC/ABS LUPOY GN-5001RFH fr v0 pellet grey 7030 15 original bag Kg. 50  3069_pc-abs lupoy gn5001rfh.pdf 34_2496.h pc-abs lupoy gn-5001rfh.jpg 
793 PC/ABS LUPOY GN-5001RFH fr v0 pellet grey 7039 15 original bag Kg. 50  2972_pc-abs lupoy gn5001rfh.pdf 588_2495.h pc-abs lupoy gn-5001rfh.jpg 
800 PC/ABS CYCOLOY C2100HF fr v0 pellet red 18 original bag Kg. 8.373  2417_pc-abs cycoloy c2100hf.pdf 29_1964.h pc-abs cycoloy c2100hf.jpg 
810 PC/ABS BAYBLEND FR3021HF fr v0 mf 15 pellet black 13 original bag Kg. 25  950_pc-abs bayblend fr3021hf.pdf 653_712.i pc-abs bayblend fr3021hf.jpg 
814 PC/ASA LUPOY EU5001 pellet white 9010 3,2 original octabin Kg. 924  6660_pc-asa lupoy eu5001.pdf 3549_1931.i pc-asa lupoy eu5001 .jpg 
815 PC/ASA LUPOY EU-5000GM pellet grey 20 original bag Kg. 975  3059_pc-asa lupoy eu5000g.pdf 2294_564.h pc-asa lupoy eu5000gm.jpg 
831 PC/PBT RIABLEND C-00-6-3 pellet black 10 original bag Kg. 2.075  4221_1244.i pc-pbt riablend c-00-6-3 .jpg 
832 PC/PBT POCAN S7916 pellet black 13 original bag Kg. 25  424_pc-pbt makroblend s7916.pdf 1435_2644.h pc-pbt pocan s7916.jpg 
833 PC/PBT XENOY CL100B pellet black 14 original bag Kg. 25  2547_pc-pbt xenoy cl100b.pdf 6140_2643.h pc-pbt cl100b.jpg 
841 PC/PBT XENOY 6370 gf 30 pellet white 12 original bag Kg. 442  3148_pc-pbt xenoy 6370.pdf 1387_1521.i pc-pbt xenoy 6370 .jpg 
850 PC/PBT VALOX 357X fr v0 pellet natural 13 original bag Kg. 305  887_pc-pbt valox 357x.pdf 5294_2539.h pc-pbt valox 357x.jpg 
852 PC/PET XANTAR EM605 pellet black 7 original bag Kg. 850  1239_pc-pet xantar em605.pdf 3913_1601.i pc-pet xantar em605 .jpg 
853 PC/PET INFINO AE-2030 pellet black 32 original bag Kg. 1.225  2662_pc-pet infino ae-2030.pdf 866_1243.i pc-pet infino ae-2030 .jpg 
882 PBT/ASA ULTRADUR S4090 G4 gf 20 pellet black original bag Kg. 74  2545_pbt-asa ultradur s4090 g4.pdf 94_2655.h pbt-asa ultradur s4090 g4.jpg 

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