ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
301 PC/ABS J-LOY P65 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 0  24_pc-abs j-loy p65 nero .pdf 
302 PC/ABS J-LOY 1.2 FR V0 fr v0 pellet grey 7038 25 bag Kg. 0  918_pc-abs j-loy 1.2fr v0 grigo 7038.pdf 
319 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T65XF col 900299 pellet black 18 octabin Kg. 2.568  3326_pc-abs bayblend t65xf.pdf 289_888.d pc-abs.jpg 
320 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T65XF col 900303 pellet black 18 bag Kg. 566  1017_pc-abs bayblend t65xf.pdf 338_32.g pc-abs bayblend t65xf.jpg 
325 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T85XF col 901510 pellet black 19 octabin Kg. 1.508  2283_pc-abs bayblend t85xf.pdf 5947_31.g pc-abs bayblend t85xf.jpg 
326 PC/ABS RADIBLEND R20F320 pellet black 20 bag Kg. 950  578_397.g pc-abs radiblend r20f320.jpg 
327 PC/ABS MABLEX 274F pellet black 22 bag Kg. 1.244  175_456.g pc-abs mablex 274fb.jpg 939_456.g pc-abs mablex 274fb.jpg 
330 PC/ABS RTP 2500 pellet grey 7021 19 neutral bag Kg. 1.419  163_pc-abs rtp 2500.pdf 1890_494.g pc-abs rtp 2500.jpg 
340 PC/ABS XANTAR C CE407 fr v0 pellet natural 11 octabin Kg. 6.598  553_pc-abs xantar c ce407.pdf 2947_662.f pc-abs xantar c ce407.jpg 
346 PC/ABS CYCOLOY EXCY0375 fr v0 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 1.048  1257_66.f pc-abs cycoloy excy0375.jpg 
348 PC/ABS EMERGE 7570EP fr v0 pellet black 48 bag Kg. 750  5568_pc-abs emerge 7570ep.pdf 3257_1261.d pc-abs.jpg 
351 PC/ABS BAYBLEND FR3005HF fr v0 pellet white 9003 40 bag Kg. 44  21_pc-abs bayblend fr3005hf.pdf 4543_1769.e pc-abs bayblend fr3005ef.jpg 

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