ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
610 PC/ABS INFINO WP-1089 pellet natural 27 original bag Kg. 495  8287_pc-abs infino wp-1089.pdf 186_1056.j pc-abs infino wp-1089 .jpg 
675 PC/ABS MABLEX PCA pellet black 26 original bag Kg. 1.425  255_pc-abs mablex pca.pdf 273_820.j pc-abs mablex pca .png 
714 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T85XF pellet grey 7044 19 original bag Kg. 300  1157_pc-abs bayblend t85xf.pdf 110_2123.i pc-abs bayblend t85xf .jpg 
715 PC/ABS LUPOY HR5007A pellet grey 5,3 original bag Kg. 1.575  617_pc-abs lupoy hr5007a.pdf 5617_2788.h pc-abs lupoy hr5007-a.jpg 
720 PC/ABS I pellet grey 7012 15 bag Kg. 1.377  8479_974.j pc-abs retelan n.30.509 .png 
725 PC/ABS CYCOLOY C1000HF pellet blue 5022 24 original bag Kg. 1.388  2934_pc-abs cycoloy c1000hf.pdf 4711_1065.j pc-abs cycoloy c1000hf .png 
761 PC/ABS VERTON PCA-F-7004EM lgf 20 pellet natural original bag Kg. 60  6641_pc-abs verton pca-f-7004em.pdf 2495_2217.i pc-abs verton pca-f-7004em .jpg 
762 PC/ABS BAYBLEND T88-2N gf 10 pellet black original bag Kg. 1.247  685_pc-abs bayblend t88-2n.pdf 4545_900.j pc-abs bayblend t88-2n .png 
775 PC/ABS ESTABLEND 7500 V0HF fr v0 pellet white 25 original bag Kg. 425  6784_pc-abs establend 7500 v0hf.pdf 853_1156.j pc-abs establend 7500 v0 hf .jpg 
781 PC/ABS CYCOLOY CY6414 fr v0 pellet black 13 original bag Kg. 925  967_pc-abs cycoloy cy6414.pdf 2752_793.j pc-abs cycoloy cy6414 .png 
782 PC/ABS CYCOLOY CY6310 fr v0 pellet black 20 neutral gaylor Kg. 385  53_pc-abs cycoloy cy6310.pdf 4175_799.j pc-abs cycoloy cy6310 .png 
783 PC/ABS ESTABLEND 7500 V0HF fr v0 pellet white 9010 25 original bag Kg. 725  3597_pc-abs establend 7500 v0hf.pdf 910_1157.j pc-abs establend 7500 v0 hf .jpg 
784 PC/ABS SITRALOY FR2030 UV fr v0 uv pellet white 9016 20 original bag Kg. 95  489_710.j pc-abs sitraloy fr2030 uv .png 
788 PC/ABS LUPOY GN-5001RFH fr v0 pellet grey 7030 15 original bag Kg. 25  3069_pc-abs lupoy gn5001rfh.pdf 34_2496.h pc-abs lupoy gn-5001rfh.jpg 
791 PC/ABS LUPOY GN-5001RFH fr v0 pellet beige 1013 15 original bag Kg. 50  334_pc-abs lupoy gn5001rfh.pdf 902_2497.h pc-abs lupoy gn-5001rfh.jpg 
800 PC/ABS CYCOLOY C2100HF fr v0 pellet red 18 original bag Kg. 8.673  2417_pc-abs cycoloy c2100hf.pdf 29_1964.h pc-abs cycoloy c2100hf.jpg 
808 PC/ASA LURAN S KR2864C pellet natural 25 neutral bag Kg. 94  112_pc-asa luran s kr2864c.pdf 3221_946.j pc-asa luran s kr2864c .png 
810 PC/ASA SCANBLEND FS9 pellet black 20 original bag Kg. 523  952_pc-asa scanblend fs9.pdf 236_748.j pc-asa scanblend fs9 .png 
815 PC/ASA LUPOY EU-5000GM pellet grey 20 original bag Kg. 450  3059_pc-asa lupoy eu5000g.pdf 2294_564.h pc-asa lupoy eu5000gm.jpg 
818 PC/ASA SCHULABLEND WR5 UV CA uv pellet grey 7044 30 original bag Kg. 997  369_pc-asa schulablend wr5 uv ca.pdf 582_825.j pc-asa schulablend wr5 uv ca .png 
820 PC/ASA SCHULABLEND WR5 UV CA uv pellet brown 30 original bag Kg. 950  8395_pc-asa schulablend wr5 uv ca.pdf 1411_824.j pc-asa schulablend wr5 uv ca .png 
823 PC/ASA GELOY XTPMFR15 fr v0 pellet grey 7035 27 original bag Kg. 1.025  967_pc-asa geloy xtpmfr15.pdf 392_1047.j pc-asa geloy xtpmfr15 .jpg 
831 PC/PBT RIABLEND C-00-6-3 pellet black 10 original bag Kg. 2.075  4221_1244.i pc-pbt riablend c-00-6-3 .jpg 
832 PC/PBT POCAN S7916 pellet black 13 original bag Kg. 25  5555_pc-pbt pocan s7916.pdf 1435_2644.h pc-pbt pocan s7916.jpg 
840 PC/PBT XENOY CL100 pellet white 9003 14 original bag Kg. 2.500  8447_pc-pbt xenoy cl100.pdf 2990_44.j pc-pbt xenoy cl100 .jpg 
842 PC/PBT XENOY CL100S pellet grey 7021 20 neutral bag Kg. 250  350_pc-pbt xenoy cl100s.pdf 654_295.j pc-pbt xenoy cl100s .jpg 
844 PC/PBT LATIOHM 7587-04 PD01 G25 gf 25 pellet black original bag Kg. 775  351_1111.j pc-pbt latiohm 7587 04 pd01 g25 .jpg 
845 PC/PBT XENOY 6370 gf 30 pellet white 9010 12 original bag Kg. 417  3148_pc-pbt xenoy 6370.pdf 1387_1521.i pc-pbt xenoy 6370 .jpg 
846 PC/PBT VALOX 357X fr v0 pellet natural 13 original bag Kg. 305  887_pc-pbt valox 357x.pdf 5294_2539.h pc-pbt valox 357x.jpg 
850 PC/PBT VALOX 357XU fr v0 uv pellet grey 7035 15 original bag Kg. 50  325_pc-pbt valox 357xu.pdf 1111_2206.i pc-pbt valox 357xu .jpg 
854 PC/PET XANTAR EM605 pellet black 7 original bag Kg. 850  1239_pc-pet xantar em605.pdf 3913_1601.i pc-pet xantar em605 .jpg 
855 PC/PET INFINO AE-2030 pellet black 32 original bag Kg. 1.125  2662_pc-pet infino ae-2030.pdf 866_1243.i pc-pet infino ae-2030 .jpg 
856 PC/PET XYLEX X7509HP pellet white 9003 12 original bag Kg. 320  3999_pc-pet xylex x7509hp.pdf 180_1150.j pc-pet xylex x7509hp .jpg 
881 PBT/ASA LUMAX EU5200M gf 20 pellet black 20 neutral bag Kg. 190  206_261.j pbt-asa eu5200m .jpg 
882 PBT/ASA ULTRADUR S4090 G4 gf 20 pellet black original bag Kg. 74  2545_pbt-asa ultradur s4090 g4.pdf 94_2655.h pbt-asa ultradur s4090 g4.jpg 
885 PBT/ASA CRASTIN LW9020 gf 20 pellet grey 7035 original bag Kg. 225  4029_pbt-asa crastin lw9020.pdf 420_1036.j pbt-asa crastin lw9020 .png 
897 PA6+PP AKROMID B3 1L pellet natural original bag Kg. 48  380_pa 6 pp akromid b3 1L.pdf 4873_577.j pa6 pp akromid b3 1L .png 
898 PA6+PP AKROMID B3GF30 1L gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 40  6011_pa6 pp akromid b3gf30 1L.pdf 95_575.j pa6 pp akromid b3gf30 1L .png 
899 PA6+PP AKROMID B3GF30 1XL gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 33  2543_pa6 pp akromid b3gf30 1L.pdf 499_580.j pa6 pp akromid b3gf30 1xl .png 
900 PA6+PP AKROMID B3GF30 4L gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 88  817_pa6 pp akromid b3gf30 4L.pdf 1926_578.j pa6 pp akromid b3gf30 4L .png 

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