ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
325 PC/ABS CIBLEND 101 GF20 gf 20 pellet black 10 bag Kg. 72  1397_1192.h pc-abs fv20.jpg 
330 PC/ABS 1.2 pellet grey 12 gaylor Kg. 570  667_1857.h pc-abs .jpg 
363 PC/ASA BAYBLEND W85HI pellet black 18 bag Kg. 377  6573_pc-asa bayblend w85hi.pdf 6178_1774.h pc-asa bayblend w85hi.jpg 
365 PC/ASA ROMILOY 8170 fr v0 pellet black 40 bag Kg. 106  362_pc-asa romiloy 8170.pdf 450_1922.h pc-asa romiloy 8170.jpg 
367 PC/ASA LURAN S KR2864C pellet grey 25 bag Kg. 50  3119_pc-asa luran s kr2864c.pdf 
371 PBT/PC XENOY XL1351 pellet grey 7037 13 bag Kg. 72  4720_pbt-pc xenoy xl1351.pdf 1525_940.h pbt-pc xenoy xc1351.jpg 
372 PBT/PET XENOY 6380 gf 30 pellet black 9 bag Kg. 150  716_pbt-pet xenoy 6380.pdf 1882_939.h pc-pbt xenoy 6380.jpg 
373 PBT/PET POCAN T7331 gf 30 pellet orange 2004 30 bag Kg. 1.122  1336_pbt-pet pocan t7331.pdf 1116_908.h pbt pocan t7331.jpg 
381 PBT/ASA LUPOY EU-5000GM pellet grey 20 bag Kg. 1.000  3059_pc-asa lupoy eu5000g.pdf 2294_564.h pc-asa lupoy eu5000gm.jpg 
385 ABS/PA SCHULABLEND M/MK K2004 uv pellet black 13 bag Kg. 100  853_abs-pa schulablend m-mk k2004.pdf 1200_1466.h abs-pa schulablend m-mk k2004.jpg 

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