ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
404 SBS SOLPLAST pellet shore A 76 black bag Kg. 175  5068_322.e sbs.jpg 
410 SBS SOLPLAST H60/9701 pellet shore A 60 light blue bag Kg. 94  250_1010.e sbs solplast h60-9701.jpg 
411 SEBS I^ pellet shore A 65 natural bag Kg. 1.076  1096_190.f sebs sha 65.jpg 
415 SEBS LAPRENE 83CS91555/C3 pellet shore A 44 black bag Kg. 1.802  2352_sebs laprene 83cs91555-c3.pdf 389_283.g sebs laprene 83cs91555.jpg 
418 SEBS 1.2 pellet shore A 90 black bag Kg. 920  117_561.f sebs.jpg 
420 TPC-ET KEYFLEX BT1033D pellet shore D 31 natural 21 bag Kg. 1.770  5008_tpc-et keyflex bt1033d.pdf 1068_556.f tpc-et keyflex bt1033d.jpg 
421 TPC-ET SIPOLPRENE 35180 pellet shore D 35 natural bag Kg. 125  1118_tpc-et sipolprene 35180.pdf 1339_1256.f tpc-et sipolprene 35180.jpg 
422 TPC-ET KEYFLEX BT1040D pellet shore D 40 natural bag Kg. 1.725  272_tpc-et keyflex bt1040d.pdf 3991_1242.f tpc-et keyflex bt1040d.jpg 
423 TPC-ET SIPOLPRENE 46185 pellet shore D 44 natural bag Kg. 75  620_tpc-et sipolprene 46185.pdf 6559_1254.f tpc-et sipolprene 46185.jpg 
424 TPC-ET tipo HTX8532 pellet shore D 45 natural octabin Kg. 842  1930_862.c 1 tpc-et.jpg 8882_862.c 2 tpc-et.jpg 5307_862sopra.c tpc-et.JPG 2989_862sotto.c tpc-et.JPG
425 TPC-ET KEYFLEX BT1047D pellet shore D 47 natural bag Kg. 2.523  2564_tpc-et keyflex bt1047d.pdf 66_1243.f tpc-et keyflex bt1047d.jpg 
426 TPC-ET ARNITEL EL550 pellet shore D 51 natural 36 bag Kg. 925  4464_tpc-et arnitel el550.pdf 1679_87.f tpc-et arnitel el550.jpg 
427 TPC-ET SIPOLPRENE 55200 pellet shore D 52 natural bag Kg. 860  3106_tpc-et sipolprene 55200.pdf 5677_1257.f tpc-et sipolprene 55200.jpg 
428 TPC-ET HYTREL 6356 pellet shore D 57 natural bag Kg. 25  4637_tpc-et hytrel 6356.pdf 1005_1434.f tpc-et hytrel 6356.jpg 
429 TPC-ET SIPOLPRENE 58210 pellet shore D 58 natural bag Kg. 100  7127_tpc-et sipolprene 58210.pdf 5039_1255.f tpc-et sipolprene 58210.jpg 
430 TPC-ET KEYFLEX BT1063D pellet shore D 61 natural neutral bag Kg. 20  536_tpc-et keyflex bt1063d.pdf 57_884.e tpc-et keyflex bt1063d.jpg 
431 TPC-ET HYTREL HTR8796 pellet shore D 80 natural bag Kg. 720  316_865.c tpc-et.JPG 
435 TPC-ET HYTREL HTR8223 pellet shore D 42 black neutral octabin Kg. 7.756  5835_tpc-et hytrel htr8223.pdf 2709_860.c tpc-et.JPG 
436 TPC-ET HYTREL HTR8139 pellet shore D 44 black neutral octabin Kg. 2.247  3137_tpc-et hytrel htr8139.pdf 3150_859.c tpc-et.JPG 
437 TPC-ET HYTREL HTR4275HS pellet shore D 55 black 6 bag Kg. 6.825  4865_tpc-et hytrel htr4275.pdf 3268_853.c tpc-et.JPG 
438 TPC-ET SIPOLPRENE 58210 pellet shore D 58 black 23 neutral bag Kg. 150  11_tpc-et sipolprene 58210.pdf 1124_721.d tpc-et .JPG 
449 TPE THERMOLAST 9AAA pellet shore A 82 natural bag Kg. 650  4796_tpe thermoplast 9aaa.pdf 8023_1258.g tpe thermoplast 9aaa.jpg 
454 TPE INVISION GX5067G7 pellet shore A 67 black bag Kg. 1.025  1052_1423.f tpe invision gx5067g7.jpg 
455 TPE ONFLEX S KE 70A-3S1726 pellet shore A 70 black bag Kg. 5.788  765_tpe onflex s ke70a-3s1726.pdf 694_323.g tpe onflex s ke 70a-3s1726.jpg 
456 TPE THERMOLAST K TP8LDZ pellet shore A 79 black bag Kg. 370  4089_tpe THERMOLAST K TP8LDZ.pdf 226_457.g tpe thermolast k tp8ldz.jpg 
476 TPV FORPRENE 6M0901A65 pellet shore A 65 black bag Kg. 123  7312_tpv forprene 6m0901a65.pdf 2373_533.g tpv forprene 6m0901a65.jpg 
479 TPV SANTOPRENE 101-64 pellet shore A 70 black bag Kg. 0  2761_tpv santoprene 101-64.pdf 252_1120.f tpv santoprene 101-64.jpg 
481 TPV SANTOPRENE 101-73 pellet shore A 78 black bag Kg. 1.750  1626_tpv santoprene 101-73.pdf 5053_523.g tpv santoprene 101-73.jpg 
482 TPV FORPRENE 6M0901A80 pellet shore A 80 black neutral bag Kg. 505  7_531.g tpv forprene 6m0901a80.jpg 
484 TPV I^ pellet shore D 50 natural bag Kg. 25  4882_45.g tpv.jpg 
485 TPV TAROPRENE 1A97E1N pellet shore A 97 black bag Kg. 1.219  1482_490.e tpv taroprene 1 a97 e1n.jpg 
487 TPV SANTOPRENE 103-40 pellet shore D 41 black neutral octabin Kg. 4.234  3150_tpv santoprene 103-40.pdf 1550_506.e tpv santoprene 103-40.jpg 
488 TPV SANTOPRENE 123-50W175 pellet shore D 51 black bag Kg. 190  4920_tpv santoprene 123-50w175.pdf 4426_978.f tpv santoprene 123-50w 175.jpg 
490 TPE-E UNIFLEX E25.2D/M 80D pellet shore D 80 natural bag Kg. 25  108_687.d tpe-e.JPG 
494 TPO EXXTRAL BNT013 pellet natural 9 bag Kg. 1.375  459_tpo exxtral bnt013.pdf 1410_383.f tpo exxtral bnt013.jpg 
495 TPO SOFTELL TKS204D pellet shore A 75 natural 13 bag Kg. 1.270  568_1361.e tpo softel tks 204.jpg 512_773.f tpo.jpg 
497 TPO EXXTRAL CMU201 pellet black 15 bag Kg. 400  302_tpo exxtral cmu201.pdf 9215_460.f tpo exxtral cmu201.jpg 

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