ID Pol. Brand Grade Filler % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
905 MABS TERLUX 2802 pellet transparent 2 original bag Kg. 1.275  2019_mabs terlux 2802.pdf 5702_956.k mabs terlux 2802 .jpg 
910 MABS RONFALIN 7400 pellet transparent 6 original bag Kg. 175  2264_1088.k mabs ronfalin 7400 .jpg 
940 MABS STAREX TX-0520T pellet transparent 15 original bag Kg. 1.698  7726_mabs starex tx-0520t.pdf 1116_1292.j mabs starex tax-0520t .jpg 
945 MABS CLEARLUX 816 pellet transparent 16 original bigbag Kg. 3.300  395_mabs clearlux 816.pdf 2674_1745.i mabs clearlux 816 .jpg 
950 MABS STAREX TX-0510T pellet transparent 16 original bag Kg. 57  2934_mabs starex tx-0510t.pdf 3385_614.i mabs starex tx-0510t .jpg 
951 MABS STAREX UT-0510T pellet transparent 16 original bag Kg. 250  1913_mabs starex ut-0510t.pdf 1027_1491.j mabs starex ut-0510t .jpg 
955 MABS POLYLUX C2 pellet transparent 18 original bag Kg. 50  173_mabs polylux c2.pdf 1646_1086.k mabs polylux c2 .jpg 
960 MABS LG TR558 pellet transparent 25 original bag Kg. 25  272_mabs lg tr558a.pdf 2043_193.k abs Lg tr558 .jpg 
961 MABS LG TR558A pellet transparent 25 original bag Kg. 4.696  797_mabs lg tr558a.pdf 895_528.k mabs lg tr558a .jpg 
1000 MABS STAREX BF0677HF pellet black 19 original bag Kg. 500  1523_mabs starex bf0677hf.pdf 9078_1084.k mabs starex bf0677hf .jpg 
1005 MABS CLEARLUX 816 pellet grey fumè 16 original bigbag Kg. 877  3481_mabs clearlux 816.pdf 3393_352.k mabs clearlux 816 .jpg 
1006 MABS CLEARLUX 816 pellet grey fumè 16 original bigbag Kg. 982  2987_mabs clearlux 816.pdf 2657_443.k mabs clearlux 816 .jpg 
1010 MABS CLEARLUX 816 pellet grey-black 16 original bigbag Kg. 890  956_mabs clearlux 816.pdf 2360_953.k mabs clearlux 816 .jpg 
1020 MABS LG XG568 pellet blue 18 neutral bag Kg. 23  1153_asa lg xg568.pdf 8184_1698.j mabs lg xg568 .jpg 
1021 MABS INTELAC 510TR pellet blue trasp 8 original bag Kg. 50  2655_82.k mabs intelac 510tr .jpg 
1100 MABS CLEARLUX 816 pellet green trasp 16 original bigbag Kg. 950  3698_mabs clearlux 816.pdf 4490_507.j mabs clearlux 816 .png 

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