ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
901 MABS TERLUX 2802 pellet transparent 2 original bigbag Kg. 1.855  347_mabs terlux 2802.pdf 3770_1625.i mabs terlux 2802 .jpg 
911 MABS TERLUX 2812 pellet transparent 8 original bag Kg. 8.782  880_mabs terlux 2812.pdf 1216_302.j mabs terlux 2812 .jpg 
945 MABS CLEARLUX 816 pellet transparent 16 original bigbag Kg. 19.926  395_mabs clearlux 816.pdf 2674_1745.i mabs clearlux 816 .jpg 
950 MABS STAREX TX-0510T pellet transparent 16 original bag Kg. 32  2934_mabs starex tx-0510t.pdf 3385_614.i mabs starex tx-0510t .jpg 
955 MABS LG TR558A pellet transparent 25 original bag Kg. 3.050  3299_mabs lg tr558a.pdf 1802_1562.i mabs lg tr558a .jpg 
1100 MABS CLEARLUX 816 pellet green trasp 16 original bigbag Kg. 950  3698_mabs clearlux 816.pdf 4490_507.j mabs clearlux 816 .png 

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