ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1201 MASTER J-TER PC 25 pellet black bag Kg. 0  1551_15.f master j-ter pc.jpg 
1202 MASTER J-TER PC-OP pellet opal bag Kg. 1  1655_1976.h master j-ter pc-op.jpg 
1203 MASTER J-TER 7035 universale pellet grey 7035 bag Kg. 57  3264_723.j master j-ter 7035 .png 
1204 MASTER J-TER 7040 universale pellet grey 7040 bag Kg. 35  1662_12.i master j-ter 7040.jpg 
1211 ADDITIVO ADD J-FOAM END130 espandente pellet natural bag Kg. 1  500_add j-foam end130.pdf 623_297.h add j-foam end130.jpg 
1212 ADDITIVO ADD J-SLIP AA50P antiabrasivo pellet natural bag Kg. 1  4357_add j-slip aa50p.pdf 1617_380.h add j-slip aa50p.jpg 
1213 ADDITIVO ADD J-SLIP PE2S scivolante pe pellet natural bag Kg. 101  177_add j-slip pe2s.pdf 2504_337.h add j-slip pe2s.jpg 
1219 ADDITIVO LOXIOL EP8578 distaccante micropellets natural original bag Kg. 100  890_add loxiol ep8578.pdf 2593_2151.i add loxiol ep8578 .jpg 
1220 ADDITIVO PURGEX 3057 PLUS pellet natural original bag Kg. 25  290_additivo pe purgex 3057 plus.pdf 6156_1557.i additivo pe purgex 3057 plus.jpg 
1221 ADDITIVO FUSABOND N MF-416D - pa hi pellet natural original bag Kg. 470  2529_2082.i add etilene copo fusabond n mf-416d .jpg 
1222 ADDITIVO EXXELOR VA1803 pellet natural original bag Kg. 2.000  1384_add exxelor va1803.pdf 4409_1097.j add Exxelor va1803 .png 
1226 MASTER AMPACET FR MB101185 - universale fr v0 pellet natural original bag Kg. 75  4792_2209.i master ampacet fr mb 101185.jpg 
1235 FV NITTOBO CSG 3PA-820 fiber natural original bag Kg. 667  5252_gf nittobo csg 3pa-820 .jpg 2947_1098.j fv nittobo csg 3pa 820wf .png 
1236 ADDITIVO ARAMID HF210 mm 6 aramid chopped fiber fiber natural original bag Kg. 173  3757_1512.i additivo fibra aramidica hf210 .jpg 
1240 ADDITIVO FERRITE powder black bag Kg. 1.350  36_1099.j ferrite .png 
1241 ADDITIVO MICA TOBY PDM 5B powder natural original bag Kg. 172  1956_1118.j add mica pdm 5b .jpg 1137_add mica topy pdm 5b.jpg 
1251 MASTER universale pellet black bag Kg. 2.456  1357_94.i master .jpg 
1253 MASTER universale pellet black bag Kg. 1.181  281_644.i master .jpg 
1255 MASTER PLASBLAK PS4256 pellet black 42 original bag Kg. 1.358  43_master plasblak ps4256.pdf 318_2053.i master plasblak ps4256 .jpg 
1281 MASTER universale TiO2 50 pellet white bag Kg. 7.462  2048_1220.h master.jpg 290_97.i master .jpg 
1282 MASTER pom pellet white 9003 bag Kg. 40  544_756.i master pom .jpg 
1283 MASTER - pellet white original bag Kg. 450  2897_1556.i master .jpg 
1290 MASTER REMAFIN pellet white perlato original bag Kg. 25  715_2367.i master remafin .jpg 
1291 MASTER universale-pa 1-4% pellet pearl perlato original bag Kg. 140  279_1543.i master .jpg 
1292 MASTER universale-pa 3-5% pellet pearl perlato original bag Kg. 150  6372_1537.i master .jpg 
1293 MASTER universale-pa 2-4% pellet pearl perlato original bag Kg. 150  6504_1538.i master .jpg 
1294 MASTER universale pellet pearl perlato original bag Kg. 23  2227_1084.j master .png 
1300 MASTER pa pellet grey original bag Kg. 555  253_257.d master.JPG 
1301 MASTER pa pellet grey original bag Kg. 27  2650_1683.i master .jpg 
1302 MASTER AMPACET universale pellet grey 7016 original bag Kg. 562  7531_113.j master ampacet .jpg 
1303 MASTER san pellet grey 7021 bag Kg. 25  1520_616.j master .png 
1305 MASTER universale pellet grey 7045 original bag Kg. 51  614_1685.i master .jpg 
1306 MASTER TECOLEN ALASKAGRAU BMW pc pellet grey 7046 neutral bag Kg. 293  6176_2147.i master pc tekolen alaskagrau bmw .jpg 
1309 MASTER universale-pa 1-2% pellet grey 9022 original bag Kg. 160  1275_1519.i master .jpg 
1310 MASTER universale-pa 1% pellet grey 9023 original bag Kg. 160  557_1539.i master .jpg 
1316 MASTER universale pellet silver original bag Kg. 26  5414_1086.j master .png 
1324 MASTER universale pellet blue bag Kg. 25  4000_1089.j master .png 
1325 MASTER universale pellet blue bag Kg. 239  3383_1520.g c master .jpg 
1326 MASTER universale pellet blue bag Kg. 25  1999_32.j master .jpg 
1327 MASTER ps pellet blue bag Kg. 24  1116_1520.g h master .jpg 
1328 MASTER universale pellet blue bag Kg. 16  5994_1520.g b master .jpg 
1329 MASTER REMAFIN PP51077022-ZT pellet blue original bag Kg. 40  974_2242.i master remafin pp51077022 .jpg 
1330 MASTER universale pellet blue 5002 bag Kg. 25  1149_2369.i master .jpg 
1331 MASTER universale pellet blue original bag Kg. 41  784_2402.i master.png 
1332 MASTER ps-abs-san pellet blue 5004 original bag Kg. 124  2328_1548.i master .jpg 
1334 MASTER - pellet blue 5011 original bag Kg. 100  5310_32.j master .jpg 
1335 MASTER universale-pa 1-2% pellet blue 5011 original bag Kg. 96  3447_1567.i master .jpg 
1336 MASTER universale pellet blue 5011 original bag Kg. 300  11_1536.i master .jpg 
1340 MASTER pu 1-2% pellet blue 5013 original bag Kg. 144  767_1547.i master .jpg 
1343 MASTER CELANESE pa 66 pellet blue 5022 original bag Kg. 44  971_1821.i master celanese pa 66 .jpg 
1344 MASTER universale-pa 1-4% pellet blue 5022 original bag Kg. 130  125_1540.i master .jpg 
1346 MASTER universale pellet blue 5023 original bag Kg. 24  2183_24.j master .jpg 
1350 MASTER universale-pa 1-4% pellet purple original bag Kg. 160  1017_1529.i master .jpg 
1351 MASTER universale pellet purple bag Kg. 20  214_1087.j master .png 
1360 MASTER universale pellet yellow bag Kg. 23  3078_1520.g g master .jpg 
1361 MASTER universale-pa 1-25 pellet yellow original bag Kg. 150  35_1554.i master .jpg 
1365 MASTER universale 1-2% pellet yellow 1016 original bag Kg. 110  8128_1518.i master .jpg 
1366 MASTER pu 1-2% pellet yellow 1021 original bag Kg. 148  1285_1560.i master .jpg 
1368 MASTER universale-pa 1-2% pellet yellow 1021 original bag Kg. 65  1060_1551.i master .jpg 
1369 MASTER universale pellet gold original bag Kg. 23  4009_1083.j master .png 
1370 MASTER pu 1-2% pellet gold original bag Kg. 216  438_1559.i master .jpg 
1371 MASTER - pellet beige bag Kg. 96  2352_693.j master .png 
1375 MASTER universale pellet brown original bag Kg. 100  2574_1526.i master .jpg 
1376 MASTER universale-pa 1-2% pellet brown 8017 original bag Kg. 160  1888_1549.i master .jpg 
1377 MASTER universale pellet brown 8019 original bag Kg. 28  313_896.j master .png 
1378 MASTER RIFRARID CO1824 pellet brown 8023 original bag Kg. 190  603_1115.j master rifrarid co1824.jpg 
1379 MASTER RENOL MP-RL-AN pellet brown 8024 original bag Kg. 149  4908_1112.j master renol mp rl an .png 
1380 MASTER universale pellet red bag Kg. 18  443_1520.g e master .jpg 
1381 MASTER universale 1-2% pellet red 3002 original bag Kg. 160  4325_1535.i master .jpg 
1382 MASTER universale 1-2% pellet red 3003 original bag Kg. 125  4035_1555.i master .jpg 
1383 MASTER universale 1-2% pellet red 3004 original bag Kg. 140  1962_1546.i master .jpg 
1384 MASTER universale 1-2% pellet red 3020 original bag Kg. 135  5304_1545.i master .jpg 
1385 MASTER universale pellet red 3027 original bag Kg. 100  2282_1525.i master .jpg 
1390 MASTER pa pellet green bag Kg. 34  3445_608.j master .png 
1391 MASTER - 1% pellet green original bag Kg. 135  2619_1564.i master .jpg 
1393 MASTER universale pellet green original bag Kg. 159  4803_1542.i master .jpg 
1394 MASTER universale pellet green bag Kg. 25  5423_1088.j master .png 
1495 MASTER HOSTAFORM FK1.25 pellet grey 7044 original bag Kg. 866  815_pom copo hostaform fk1.25.pdf 438_1303.g pom copo hostaform fk1 25.jpg 
1496 MASTER HOSTAFORM FK1.25 pellet grey 7039 original bag Kg. 300  497_pom copo hostaform fk1.25.pdf 2880_1530.g master hostaform fk1.25 .jpg 
1498 MASTER HOSTAFORM FK1.25 pellet beige original bag Kg. 50  6_pom copo hostaform fk1.25.pdf 4955_1531.g master hostaform fk1.25 .jpg 
1500 MASTER HOSTAFORM FK1.25 pellet blue original bag Kg. 559  3212_pom copo hostaform fk1.25.pdf 2652_1304.g pom hostaform fk 1.25.jpg 

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