ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
501 MASTER J-TER PC 25 pellet black bag Kg. 0  1551_15.f master j-ter pc.jpg 
502 MASTER HUBRON PEB 7321 pellet black bag Kg. 0  979_master hubron peb7302.pdf 5660_1471.h master hubron peb7302.jpg 
503 MASTER universale pellet black bag Kg. 292  5515_459.f master.jpg 
504 MASTER FERROBLACK SBC-60 universale carbon black 60 pellet black bag Kg. 25  2388_master ferroblack sbc-60.pdf 509_1526.h master ferroblack sbc-60.jpg 
505 MASTER FERROBLACK SBC-61 universale carbon black 60 pellet black bag Kg. 25  3367_master ferroblack sbc-61.pdf 5268_1527.h master ferroblack sbc-61.jpg 
509 MASTER FERROBLACK ABS1539R pellet black bag Kg. 250  1534_master ferroblack abs-1539r.pdf 1089_1525.h master ferroblack abs-1539r.jpg 
513 MASTER universale pellet white bag Kg. 25  2854_1424.h master .jpg 
514 MASTER universale TiO2 50 pellet white bag Kg. 5.648  2048_1220.h master.jpg 
515 MASTER base pa6 IKEA pellet white bag Kg. 592  1801_1436.h master .jpg 
520 MASTER ADD J-FOAM END130 espandente pellet natural bag Kg. 1  500_add j-foam end130.pdf 623_297.h add j-foam end130.jpg 
521 MASTER ADD J-SLIP AA50P antiabrasivo pellet natural bag Kg. 1  4357_add j-slip aa50p.pdf 1617_380.h add j-slip aa50p.jpg 
522 MASTER ADD J-SLIP PE2S scivolante pe pellet natural bag Kg. 1  177_add j-slip pe2s.pdf 2504_337.h add j-slip pe2s.jpg 
523 MASTER ADDITIVO ANTIUV uv pellet natural bag Kg. 0  480_147.f UV pp.jpg 
525 MASTER additivo POLYBATCH F20N antiblock pellet natural bag Kg. 393  955_additivi polibatch.pdf 1451_1626.h additivo schulman f20n.jpg 
526 MASTER additivo POLYBATCH 1982VA slip pellet natural bag Kg. 1.275  277_additivi polibatch.pdf 466_1625.h additivo polybatch 1982va.jpg 
527 MASTER additivo POLYBATCH UV1402 uv pellet natural bag Kg. 2.350  1590_additivi polibatch.pdf 1002_1624.h additivo schulman uv1402.jpg 
528 MASTER MASTERFLAM fr v0 powder natural bag Kg. 925  673_1346.g master masterflam.jpg 
529 MASTER AMPACET FR PP MB fr v0 pellet natural bag Kg. 25  1349_222.g master ampacet fr pp mb.jpg 
530 MASTER universale pellet grey bag Kg. 23  145_1446.gc master .jpg 
532 MASTER universale pellet grey 7005 bag Kg. 61  940_818.f master.jpg 
533 MASTER universale pellet grey 7012 bag Kg. 25  610_968.f master.jpg 
534 MASTER REMAFIN pellet grey 7012 bag Kg. 140  1840_1435.h master remafin.jpg 
537 MASTER universale pellet grey 7021 bag Kg. 36  5515_966.f master.jpg 
540 MASTER universale pellet grey 7035 bag Kg. 25  47_1110.f master.jpg 
541 MASTER universale pellet grey 7035 bag Kg. 24 master .jpg 
542 MASTER universale pellet grey 7035 bag Kg. 19 master .jpg 
543 MASTER universale pellet grey 7038 bag Kg. 25 master .jpg 
544 MASTER universale pellet grey 7040 bag Kg. 0  1962_1517.h master 7040.jpg 
545 MASTER universale pellet grey 9022 bag Kg. 52 master .jpg 
546 MASTER universale pellet yellow 1003 bag Kg. 23 master .jpg 
547 MASTER universale pellet yellow 1004 bag Kg. 25 master.jpg 
551 MASTER RENOL universale pellet yellow 1018 bag Kg. 22  174_1428.h master renol.jpg 
552 MASTER universale pellet yellow 1021 bag Kg. 23 master.jpg 
553 MASTER universale pellet yellow 1023 bag Kg. 41 master .jpg 
554 MASTER universale pellet yellow 1028 bag Kg. 20  2252_1444.gc master.jpg 
555 MASTER SNIAMID 72100 1% pa pellet green bag Kg. 1.088  6737_1354.g master pa .jpg 
556 MASTER universale pellet green bag Kg. 11  8022_1430.h master .jpg 
560 MASTER pellet red bag Kg. 508  3366_871.h master .jpg 
561 MASTER universale pellet red 3003 bag Kg. 21  1235_1426.h master .jpg 
562 MASTER base san pellet red 3011 bag Kg. 18  223_1425.h master .jpg 
595 MASTER universale pellet light blue bag Kg. 567  1157_1401.h master.jpg 
596 MASTER CLARIANT universale 4% pellet blue 5011 bag Kg. 25  798_970.g master renol .jpg 
597 MASTER base ps pellet blue 5015 bag Kg. 50  4008_736.f master.jpg 

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