ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
2401 PA 11 RILSAN MB3751 pellet transparent bag Kg. 217  1179_pa 11 rilsan mb3750.pdf 2515_1231.g pa 11 rilsan mb3751.jpg 
2402 PA 11 RILSAN MB3752 pellet transparent bag Kg. 92  3700_pa 11 rilsan mb3750.pdf 6170_1230.g pa 11 rilsan mb3752.jpg 
2430 PA 11 RILSAN BESNO TL pellet natural neutral bag Kg. 275  1286_pa 11 rilsan besno tl.pdf 2252_1276.i pa 11 rilsan besno tl .jpg 
2431 PA 11 RILSAN BMNO-TLD pellet natural bag Kg. 175  2790_pa 11 rilsan bmno tld.pdf 9714_2298.h pa 11 rilsan bmno-tld.jpg 
2432 PA 11 RILSAN pellet natural neutral bag Kg. 88  3876_1226.g pa 11.jpg 
2433 PA 11 RILSAN pellet natural neutral bag Kg. 126  3907_1447.g pa 11 rilsan .jpg 

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