ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
2101 PA 66.6 ULTRAMID C40L pellet natural original bag Kg. 250  3309_pa 6.66 ultramid c40l.pdf 1813_357.j pa 6.66 ultramid c40l .jpg 
2102 PA 66.6 GRILON TSS/4 pellet natural original bag Kg. 25  919_pa 66.6 grilon tss-4.pdf 4768_299.j pa 66.6 grilon tss-4 .jpg 
2151 PA 66.6 GRILON TSZ3 UV hi uv pellet grey 7024 original bag Kg. 94  2848_pa 66.6 grilon tsz3.pdf 2060_1194.j pa 66.6 grilon tsz3 .jpg 
2230 PA 66.6 GRILON TSG-30/4 gf 30 pellet black neutral bag Kg. 25  689_pa 66.6 grilon tsg 30-4.pdf 240_366.j pa 66.6 grilon tsg-30-4 .jpg 
2252 PA 66.6 ULTRAMID C3U fr v0 pellet natural neutral bag Kg. 22.785  424_pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.pdf 157_91.i pa 66.6 ultramid c3u .jpg 
2301 PA 66.6 ULTRAMID C3U fr v0 pellet black neutral octabin Kg. 0  1299_pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.pdf 194_256.i pa 66.6 ultramid c3u .jpg 

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