ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1005 PA66.6 ULTRAMID C40 pellet natural bag Kg. 100  8899_pa 66.6 ultramid c40l.pdf 7578_1565.h pa 66.6 ultramid c40.jpg 
1081 PA66.6 ULTRAMID C3U fr v0 pellet natural bag Kg. 8.486  424_pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.pdf 7279_1197.f pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.jpg 3059_879.g pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.jpg 172_1474.h pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.jpg 
1082 PA66.6 ULTRAMID C3U fr v0 pellet black octabin Kg. 1.363  1299_pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.pdf 2487_1360.h pa 66.6 ultramid c3u .jpg 
1091 PA66.6 ULTRAMID C3U fr v0 pellet grey 7032 neutral octabin Kg. 0  5498_pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.pdf 933_163.h pa 66.6 ultramid c3u.jpg 5509_468.h pa 66.6 ultramid c3u .jpg 

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