ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
3340 PA 610 LATAMID SP1 AM S/10 gb 10 pellet natural original bag Kg. 112  374_1515.i pa 610 latamid sp1 am s-10 .jpg 
3350 PA 610+66 TECHNYL EXTEN D218CR V33 gf 33 pellet black original bag Kg. 50  148_pa 610-66 technyl exten d218xr v33.pdf 753_1046.i pa 610-66 technyl exten d218cr v33 .jpg 
3375 PA 612 GRILAMID XE4106 gf 30 uv pellet black original bag Kg. 50  345_pa 612 grilamid xe4106.pdf 182_1305.i pa 612 grilamid xe4106 .jpg 
3391 PA 6-3-T TROGAMID T5000 pellet transparent neutral bag Kg. 10  5410_pa 6-3-t trogamid t5000.pdf 2248_450.d pa 6-3-t trogamid t5000.jpg 
3392 PA 6-3-T TROGAMID CX9704 pellet transparent original bag Kg. 300  291_pa 6-3-t trogamid cx9704.pdf 4570_1996.i pa 6-3-t trogamid cx9704 .jpg 
3541 PA 6I DURETHAN T40 pellet transparent original bag Kg. 200  6990_pa 6i durethan t40.pdf 3987_1713.i pa 6i durethan t40 .jpg 

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