ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
3910 PBT ULTRADUR B6550LN pellet natural 9 original gaylor Kg. 750  1775_pbt ultradur b6550ln.pdf 3696_1643.i pbt ultradur b6550ln .jpg 
4051 PBT I^ type TV4 261 gf 30 pellet natural original bag Kg. 0  3674_pbt arnite tv4 261.pdf 2569_2860.h pbt arnite tv4-261 .jpg 
4075 PBT BADADUR PBT8 GF50 gf 50 pellet natural original bag Kg. 275  3222_pbt badadur pbt8 gf50.pdf 839_963.i pbt badadur pbt8 gf50 .jpg 
4085 PBT ULTRADUR B4300G2 gf 10 pellet black 16 original bag Kg. 25  2130_pbt ultradur b4300g10.pdf 1501_179.i pbt ultradur b4300g2 .jpg 
4097 PBT I^ type TV4 261 gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 0  8321_pbt arnite tv4 261.pdf 1654_972.g pbt arnite tv4 261.jpg 
4098 PBT ARNITE TV8 260 gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 463  476_pbt arnite tv8 260.pdf 4799_1948.i pbt arnite tv8 260 .jpg 
4100 PBT LONGLITE 3030 104S gf 30 pellet black 8 original bag Kg. 1.275  195_pbt longlite 3030 104s.pdf 269_1853.i pbt longlite 3030 104s .jpg 
4101 PBT ULTRADUR B4300G6 gf 30 pellet black 11 neutral bag Kg. 695  1573_pbt ultradur b4300g6.pdf 185_563.i pbt ultradur b4300g6 .jpg 
4102 PBT VALOX 830 gf 30 pellet black 16 original bag Kg. 1.200  521_pbt valox 830.pdf 8871_281.i pbt valox 830 .jpg 
4103 PBT AURODUR HGF30 gf 30 pellet black 15 original bag Kg. 993  2567_pbt aurodur higf30.pdf 363_1777.i pbt aurodur hgf30 .jpg 
4110 PBT ULTRADUR B4330 G10HR hi-gf 50 pellet black original bag Kg. 502  1743_pbt ultradur b4330 g10 hr.pdf 996_1906.i pbt ultradur b4330 g10 hr .jpg 
4130 PBT CELANEX 2300 GV3/30 gb 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 20  493_pbt celanex 2300 gv3-30.pdf 5741_1878.i pbt celanex 2300 gv3-30 .jpg 
4131 PBT CRASTIN S650FR fr v0 pellet natural original bag Kg. 287  3105_pbt crastin s650fr.pdf 201_54.e pbt crastin s650fr.jpg 
4132 PBT VALOX 362 fr v0 pellet natural 9 original bag Kg. 359  1285_pbt valox 362.pdf 3871_2110.h pbt valox 362.jpg 
4160 PBT BADADUR PBT8 GF15 FR fr v0 gf 15 pellet natural original bag Kg. 113  2158_pbt badadur pbt8 gf15 fr.pdf 8643_1479.g pbt badadur pbt8 gf15fr .jpg 
4162 PBT POCAN BFN4231 fr v0 gf 25 pellet natural original bag Kg. 50  8717_pbt pocan bfn4231.pdf 3157_1911.i pbt pocan bfn4231 .jpg 
4163 PBT POCAN B4235 fr v0 gf 30 pellet natural original bag Kg. 575  1336_pbt pocan b4235.pdf 1523_1791.i pbt pocan b4235 .jpg 
4165 PBT CRASTIN SK642FR fr v0 gf 15 pellet black original bag Kg. 275  2268_pbt crastin sk642fr.pdf 3_490.g pbt crastin sk642fr.jpg 
4167 PBT VALOX DR48 fr v0 gf 17 pellet black 14 original bag Kg. 1.325  506_pbt valox dr48 .pdf 5000_1500.i pbt valox dr48 .jpg 
4170 PBT VALOX 451E fr v0 gf 20 pellet black original bag Kg. 1.706  611_pbt valox 451e.pdf 949_497.i pbt valox 451e .jpg 
4179 PBT VALOX FR4631 fr v0 gf 30 pellet black 13 original bag Kg. 208  34_412.h pbt valox fr4631.jpg 136_412.h pbt valox fr4631.jpg 
4180 PBT POCAN B4235 fr v0 gf 30 pellet black 14 original bag Kg. 200  6024_pbt pocan b4235.pdf 1979_369.i pbt pocan b4235 .jpg 
4181 PBT TAROLOX 10HG6 DX0 fr v0 gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 1.598  497_pbt tarolox 10hg6 dx0.pdf 2342_460.i pbt tarolox 10hg6 dx0 .jpg 
4182 PBT ARNITE TV4 260S fr v0 gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 2.225  839_pbt arnite tv4 260s.pdf 4527_459.i pbt arnite tv4 260s .jpg 
4193 PBT ANJAFLAM 450-FR/UV/GF30 fr v0 gf 30 uv pellet grey 7035 10 original bag Kg. 874  537_pbt anjaflam 450-fr gf30.pdf 116_1252.i pbt anjaflam 450-fr uv gf30 .jpg 

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