ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1101 PBT J-LOX P01 pellet natural bag Kg. 0  5200_674.e pbt.jpg 
1103 PBT POCAN B1505 pellet natural 16 bag Kg. 495  1697_pbt pocan b1505.pdf 1092_876.c pbt.jpg 
1105 PBT ARNITE T06 202 pellet natural 24 bag Kg. 625  769_pbt arnite t06 202.pdf 2880_1336.d pbt arnite t06 202.jpg 
1106 PBT RADITER B N100 pellet natural bag Kg. 1.062  4968_pbt raditer b n100.pdf 5940_339.c pbt.JPG 
1107 PBT SHINITE D201 pellet natural bag Kg. 200  2779_pbt shinite d201.pdf 156_406.f pbt shinite d201.jpg 
1125 PBT CELANEX HB4311 pellet white bag Kg. 225  1691_687.f pbt celanex hb4311.jpg 
1126 PBT CELANEX 4022 pellet white bag Kg. 1.525  274_pbt celanex 4022.pdf 1057_663.b pbt.JPG 
1127 PBT ULTRADUR B4520 pellet white 19 bag Kg. 3.170  7226_pbt ultradur b4520.pdf 682_322.c pbt.jpg 
1130 PBT CRASTIN BM6450XD pellet black bag Kg. 350  8817_pbt crastin bm6450xd.pdf 2019_542.g pbt crastin bm6450xd.jpg 
1131 PBT CRASTIN CE2255 pellet black 50 neutral bigbag Kg. 745  76_pbt crastin ce2255.pdf 2765_540.g pbt crastin ce2255.jpg 
1140 PBT CRASTIN HR5315HF gf 15 pellet natural 27 bag Kg. 175  305_pbt crastin hr5315hf.pdf 1274_541.g pbt crastin hr5315hf.jpg 
1141 PBT ULTRADUR b4300G3 gf 15 pellet black neutral octabin Kg. 1.009  4430_pbt ultradur b4300g3.pdf 1191_877.f pbt ultradur b4300g3.jpg 
1150 PBT VALOX 420 gf 30 pellet natural 17 bag Kg. 50  600_pbt valox 420 .pdf 5290_1253.d pbt valox 420.jpg 
1151 PBT CRASTIN SK615SF gf 30 pellet natural 20 octabin Kg. 800  3620_pbt crastin sk615sf.pdf 4889_539.g pbt crastin sk615sf.jpg 
1154 PBT ULTRADUR B4300 G6 gf 30 pellet natural neutral octabin Kg. 3.950  4374_pbt ultradur b4300 g6.pdf 1623_226.a pbt.JPG 
1155 PBT I^ type TV4 261 gf 30 pellet natural bag Kg. 0  3674_pbt arnite tv4 261.pdf 58_1364.f pbt arnite tv4 261.jpg 646_76.g pbt arnite tv4 261.jpg 
1159 PBT ULTRADUR B4300 G6 gf 30 pellet black neutral octabin Kg. 5.183  207_pbt ultradur b4300 g6.pdf 8902_107.a pbt.JPG 
1161 PBT I^ type TV4 261 gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 0  8321_pbt arnite tv4 261.pdf 7141_886.f pbt arnite tv4 261.jpg 443_1018.f pbt arnite tv4-261.jpg 1240_77.g pbt arnite tv4 261.jpg 
1162 PBT ARNITE TV8 260 gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 1.225  2731_pbt arnite tv8 260.pdf 1794_1422.f pbt arnite tv8 260.jpg 
1181 PBT CRASTIN S650FR fr v0 pellet natural bag Kg. 600  3105_pbt crastin s650fr.pdf 201_54.e pbt crastin s650fr.jpg 
1182 PBT I^ type fr v0 pellet natural bag Kg. 3.629  4959_1087.d pbt .jpg 
1186 PBT VAMPTER 1026 V0 fr v0 gf 10 pellet natural bag Kg. 1.475  31_pbt vampter 1026 v0.pdf 85_578.g pbt vampter 1026 v0.jpg 
1190 PBT CRASTIN SK642FR fr v0 gf 15 pellet black bag Kg. 275  2268_pbt crastin sk642fr.pdf 3_490.g pbt crastin sk642fr.jpg 

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