ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1155 PBT I^ type TV4 261 gf 30 pellet natural bag Kg. 0  3674_pbt arnite tv4 261.pdf 5329_43.h pbt arnite tv4-261.jpg 
1160 PBT I^ type TV4 261 gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 0  8321_pbt arnite tv4 261.pdf 1654_972.g pbt arnite tv4 261.jpg 
1181 PBT CRASTIN S650FR fr v0 pellet natural bag Kg. 300  3105_pbt crastin s650fr.pdf 201_54.e pbt crastin s650fr.jpg 
1185 PBT POCAN KL1-7503 fr v0 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 872  2463_935.h pbt pocan kl1-7503.jpg 
1186 PBT VALOX SHF4930 fr v0 gf 15 pellet natural 16 bag Kg. 1.250  2052_pbt valox shf4930.pdf 3384_833.g pbt valox shf4930.jpg 
1190 PBT CRASTIN SK642FR fr v0 gf 15 pellet black bag Kg. 275  2268_pbt crastin sk642fr.pdf 3_490.g pbt crastin sk642fr.jpg 
1191 PBT VALOX ENH4560 fr v0 gf 30 pellet natural 16 bag Kg. 875  2252_pbt valox env4560.pdf 2257_1682.h pbt valox enh4560.jpg 
1193 PBT VALOX FR4631 fr v0 gf 30 pellet black 13 bag Kg. 675  896_pbt valox fr 4631.pdf 3259_412.h pbt valox fr4631.jpg 
1195 PBT I^ type TV6-241SN fr v0 gf 20 pellet grey 7016 bag Kg. 5.650  2111_pbt arnite tv6 241sn.pdf 1349_959.g pbt arnite tv6 241sn.jpg 

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