ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
5402 PET-A SKYPET BR-V pellet natural original bag Kg. 725  1769_pet skypet br-v.pdf 2111_808.i pet skypet br-v.jpg 
5403 PET-A NOVAPET SPRIT H11 pellet natural iv 80 original bigbag Kg. 2.395  163_pet novapet sprit h11.pdf 4476_2961.h pet novapet sprit h11.jpg 
5406 PET-A NOVAPET SPRIT H20 pellet natural iv 82 original bigbag Kg. 2.410  66_pet novapet sprit h20.pdf 4727_2072.h pet novapet sprit h20.jpg 
5407 PET-A ECO INFINITE S82 pellet natural iv 82 original bag Kg. 75  2388_pet eco infinite s82.pdf 621_2796.h pet eco infinite s82.jpg 
5408 PET-A POLYCLEAR T94N pellet natural iv 86 original bigbag Kg. 680  719_pet polyclear t94.pdf 876_741.e pet polyclear t94n.jpg 
5426 PET-G SKYGREEN JN100 pellet transparent original bag Kg. 176  1664_pet-g skygreen jn100.pdf 1808_1446.h pet-g skygreen jn100.jpg 
5427 PET-G ECOZEN T90H pellet transparent original bag Kg. 50  7077_pet-g ecozen t90h.pdf 1234_1453.h pet-g ecozen t90h.jpg 
5429 PET-G EASTAR AN004 pellet transparent original bag Kg. 475  48_pet-g eastar an004.pdf 458_1892.i pet-g eastar an004 .jpg 
5431 PET-G GENIUS 251 pellet transparent original bag Kg. 100  241_pet-g genius 251.pdf 496_2374.i pet-g genius 251 .jpg 
5446 PET-G PET-G repro pellet black bag Kg. 25  329_pet-g.pdf 2397_976.i pet-g .jpg 
5455 PET ARNITE A06 700 pellet natural original bag Kg. 25  3890_pet arnite a06 700.pdf 1494_229.c pet.jpg 
5575 PET TAROLOX 111G6 gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 25  182_pet tarolox 111g6.pdf 698_729.f pet tarolox 111g6.jpg 
5576 PET BADADUR PET8 GF30 TC gf 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 415  258_286.j pet badadur pet8 gf30 tc.jpg 
5600 PET RYNITE 545 gf 45 pellet black original bag Kg. 223  1065_pet rynite 545.pdf 457_330.c pet.jpg 
5610 PET RYNITE FR515 fr v0 gf 15 pellet natural original bag Kg. 43  1606_pet rynite fr515 nc10.pdf 210_596.j pet rynite fr515 .png 
5685 PET RYNITE FR530L fr v0 gf 30 pellet red original bag Kg. 2.000  2055_pet rynite fr530L.pdf 574_1359.i pet rynite fr530L .jpg 
5690 PET ARNITE fr v0 gf 35 pellet grey 7035 octabin Kg. 5.995  852_13.i pet arnite gf35 v0 .jpg 

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