ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1406 PET ARNITE A06 700 pellet natural bag Kg. 25  3890_pet arnite a06 700.pdf 1494_229.c pet.jpg 
1407 PET POLYCLEAR T94N pellet natural iv 86 bigbag Kg. 690  719_pet polyclear t94.pdf 876_741.e pet polyclear t94n.jpg 
1414 PET PET-G DURASTAR DS1910HF pellet transparent gaylor Kg. 0  156_pet-g durastar ds1910hf.pdf 2394_702.h pet-g durastar ds1910hf.jpg 641_1535.h pet-g durastar ds1910hf.jpg 
1415 PET PET-G SKYGREEN JN100 pellet transparent bag Kg. 176  1664_pet-g skygreen jn100.pdf 1808_1446.h pet-g skygreen jn100.jpg 
1416 PET PET-G ECOZEN T90H pellet transparent bag Kg. 50  7077_pet-g ecozen t90h.pdf 1234_1453.h pet-g ecozen t90h.jpg 
1417 PET PET-G ECOZEN T95 pellet transparent bag Kg. 100  6341_pet-g ecozen t95.pdf 2062_1451.h pet-g ecozen t95.jpg 
1418 PET PET-G ECOZEN T100 pellet transparent bag Kg. 100  2172_pet-g ecozen t100.pdf 2044_1455.h pet-g ecozen t100.jpg 
1419 PET PET-G ECOZEN T110 pellet transparent bag Kg. 100  5540_pet-g ecozen t110.pdf 3084_1448.t pet-g t110.jpg 
1420 PET PET-G repro pellet natural bag Kg. 25  3357_332.g pet-g.jpg 
1442 PET TAROLOX 111G6 gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 25  182_pet tarolox 111g6.pdf 698_729.f pet tarolox 111g6.jpg 
1443 PET RYNITE ERE505 gf 30 pellet grey 7006 bag Kg. 1.050  52_937.h pet rynite ere505bnb.jpg 
1445 PET ARNITE AV2 375XT-HR gf 35 pellet black bag Kg. 400  815_pet arnite av2 375xt-hr.pdf 701_1068.h pet arnite av2 375 xt-hr.jpg 
1446 PET RYNITE 545 gf 45 pellet black bag Kg. 223  1065_pet rynite 545.pdf 457_330.c pet.jpg 
1486 PET RYNITE FR530L fr v0 gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 75  3087_pet rynite fr530L.pdf 1136_1372.h pet rynite fr530L.jpg 

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