ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
5702 PMMA ACRYL G88E UV1 uv pellet transparent 0,9 original octabin Kg. 1.000  6218_pmma acryl g88e.pdf 3798_1604.i pmma acryl g88e uv1 .jpg 
5704 PMMA POLYCASA ACRYL KR2008-1 pellet transparent 1,5 original octabin Kg. 665  1813_pmma polycasa acryl kr2008-1.pdf 1691_1793.i pmma polycasa acryl kr2008-1 .jpg 
5706 PMMA PLEXIGLAS 8N LD24 pellet transparent 3 original bag Kg. 225  119_pmma plexiglas 8n.pdf 3573_1600.i pmma plexiglas 8n ld24 .jpg 
5709 PMMA PLEXIGLAS 7N pellet transparent 6 original octabin Kg. 426  508_pmma plexiglas 7n.pdf 5632_728.i pmma plexiglas 7n .jpg 
5726 PMMA PLEXIGLAS ZK50 hi pellet transparent 0,1 original octabin Kg. 582  2013_pmma plexiglas zk50.pdf 1806_729.i pmma plexiglas zk50 .jpg 
5729 PMMA ALTUGLAS TP1080 hi pellet transparent 0,8 original bag Kg. 3.425  2677_pmma altuglas tp1080.pdf 7472_516.i pmma altuglas tp1080 .jpg 
5731 PMMA PLEXIGLAS ZK30 hi pellet transparent 1,6 original bag Kg. 50  4212_pmma plexiglas zk30.pdf 472_2904.h pmma plexiglas zk30 .jpg 
5732 PMMA PLEXIGLAS ZK5HF hi pellet transparent 3 original gaylor Kg. 1.000  657_1603.i pmma plexiglas zk5 hf .jpg 
5745 PMMA PLEXIGLAS SATINICE DF8913F pellet transparent satinato 0,8 neutral octabin Kg. 430  1691_727.i pmma plexiglas df8913f .jpg 
5840 PMMA LG HC503 hi pellet opal 3,5 original bag Kg. 199  3383_pmma lg hc503.pdf 668_1963.h pmma lg hc503.jpg 
5850 PMMA I pellet fum 2 bag Kg. 162  291_869.f pmma.jpg 
5877 PMMA DIAKON TD525 col 4172 pellet red trasp 1,9 original bag Kg. 343  1599_pmma diakon td525.pdf 5639_917.d pmma .jpg 
5878 PMMA LG IH830C pellet red trasp 2 original bag Kg. 150  1375_pmma lg ih830c.pdf 1687_2797.h pmma ig830c.jpg 
5879 PMMA ACRYLUX pellet red trasp 2 original bag Kg. 773  2802_89.j pmma acrylux a07000 .jpg 
5992 PMMA LG IH830C pellet black 2 original bag Kg. 3.392  1356_pmma lg ih830c.pdf 816_79.c pmma.jpg 

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