ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1501 PMMA J-GLASS 1.2 pellet transparent 3 bag Kg. 0  928_pmma j-glass 1.2.pdf 387_1215.c pmma.JPG 
1502 PMMA J-GLASS 1.2 pellet orange trasp 3 bag Kg. 1.400  5251_pmma j-glass 1.2.pdf 1829_457.d pmma .JPG 
1503 PMMA J-GLASS 1.2 pellet red trasp 3 bag Kg. 3.243  678_pmma j-glass 1.2.pdf 5567_456.d pmma .JPG 
1507 PMMA LG EG920 pellet transparent 1,5 bag Kg. 0  2012_pmma lg eg920.pdf 799_810.f pmma lg eg920.jpg 
1508 PMMA ACRYPET VH pellet transparent 2 bag Kg. 1.075  3074_pmma acrypet vh.pdf 2310_52.h pmma acrypet vh .jpg 
1530 PMMA PLEXIGLAS DF22 8N pellet transparent satinato 3 bag Kg. 25  317_pmma df22 8n.pdf 1970_1005.e pmma plexiglas df22 8n.jpg 
1531 PMMA LG EG920BM col 83338 pellet fumè 1,7 bigbag Kg. 6.725  2747_pmma lg eg920.pdf 4316_442.f pmma lg eg920bm.jpg 
1532 PMMA I^ pellet fumè 2 bag Kg. 162  291_869.f pmma.jpg 
1572 PMMA ALTUGLAS VM010 pellet opal 2 bag Kg. 500  996_371.f pmma altuglas vm010.jpg 
1573 PMMA ALTUGLAS TP767 pellet natural 3 bag Kg. 200  1734_154.b pmma.JPG 
1575 PMMA PLEXIGLAS 8N pellet opal 3 neutral bag Kg. 200  1004_pmma plexiglas 8n.pdf 6251_17.c pmma plexiglas 8n.JPG 
1576 PMMA PLEXIGLAS ZK30 hi pellet blue 5004 1,4 bag Kg. 795  1875_pmma plexiglas zk30.pdf 2034_334.c pmma.jpg 
1580 PMMA DIAKON TD525 col 4172 pellet red trasp 1,9 bag Kg. 343  1599_pmma diakon td525.pdf 5639_917.d pmma .jpg 
1584 PMMA ALTUGLAS C825T pellet red 3004 2,5 gaylor Kg. 930  3165_516.b pmma.jpg 
1591 PMMA LG IH830C pellet black 2 bag Kg. 3.651  1356_pmma lg ih830c.pdf 816_79.c pmma.jpg 
1593 PMMA PLEXIGLAS FT15 pellet black 4,5 bag Kg. 220  231_pmma plexiglas ft15.pdf 6330_744.c pmma.jpg 
1594 PMMA DAFNELOY DA8 pellet black 7 bag Kg. 112  3365_pmma dafneloy da8.pdf 3023_1343.g pmma dafneloy da8.jpg 

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