ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
6051 PPSU RADEL R-5000 CL301 fr v0 pellet fumè 20 neutral bag Kg. 164  576_ppsu radel r-5000.pdf 759_1513.i ppsu radel r-5000 .jpg 
6111 POLYKETONE SCHULAKETON MV pellet natural original bag Kg. 50  338_pk schulaketon mv.pdf 1289_1914.i pk schulaketon mv .jpg 
6118 LCP ZENITE LKX1751 fr v0 gf pellet natural neutral bag Kg. 9  309_M0023 lcp zenite lkx1751 .jpg 
6119 LCP ZENITE LKX1752 fr v0 gf pellet natural neutral bag Kg. 9  6842_M0024 lcp zenite lkx1752 .jpg 
6120 LCP LONGLITE LCP-300B4GD fr v0 gf 40 pellet black original bag Kg. 1.265  1457_lcp longlite lcp-300b4g.pdf 5033_2032.i lcp longlite lcp-300b4g .jpg 
6121 LCP ZENITE 7755 fr v0 gf+mf 55 pellet grey 7015 neutral bag Kg. 25  1770_lcp zenite 7755.pdf 1786_278.j lcp zenite 7755 .jpg 
6295 PEEK GATONE 5330GF gf 30 pellet natural original bag Kg. 10  8573_peek gatone 5330gf.pdf 326_1505.i peek gatone 5330gf .jpg 
6296 PEEK VICTREX 150FC30 carbon 30 pellet black original bag Kg. 50  57_peek victrex 150fc30.pdf 1918_1298.d peek victrex 150fc30.jpg 
6297 PEEK VESTAKEEP 200 CF30 carbon 30 pellet black 19 original bag Kg. 500  2435_peek vestakeep 2000 cf30.pdf 2396_320.j peek vestakeep 2000 cf30 .jpg 
6300 PEEK LUVOCOM 1105-0699 fr v0 gf carbon ptfe 30 pellet black neutral bag Kg. 19  6066_peek luvocom 1105-0699.pdf 1112_1028.j peek luvocom 1105-0699 .png 

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