ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1801 PP copo J-LENE C02 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 0  60_pp j-lene c02.pdf 4114_1104.h pp omo j-lene 02 gf30lc.jpg 
1802 PP copo J-LENE C03 pellet black 8 bigbag Kg. 0  7529_1615.h pp copo j-lene c03.jpg 
1803 PP omo J-LENE 01 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet natural bag Kg. 0  390_pp j-lene 01 gf30 lc naturale.pdf 4600_277.h pp omo j-lene 01 gf 30 lc .jpg 
1804 PP omo J-LENE 02 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 20.356  368_pp j-lene 02 gf30 lc nero.pdf 3822_1105.h pp omo j-lene 02 gf30 lc .jpg 532_1477.h pp omo  fv30.jpg 3174_1480.h pp omo  fv30.jpg 
1806 PP omo TOTAL 3000 og pellet natural 2 bag Kg. 900  2278_1058.h pp omo total 3000.jpg 
1809 PP omo MOPLEN HP501L pellet natural 6 bag Kg. 1.375  5742_pp omo moplen hp501L.pdf 3284_1914.h pp omo moplen h501L.jpg 
1826 PP omo BRASKEM 350 pellet natural 35 bag Kg. 1.358  1064_1098.h pp omo braskem 350.jpg 
1828 PP omo MOPLEN HP648S pellet natural 35 bag Kg. 4.123  549_pp omo moplen hp648s.pdf 5076_1539.h pp omo moplen hp648s.jpg 
1881 PP copo TIPPLEN K793 pellet natural 0,7 bag Kg. 297  1549_pp copo tipplen k793.pdf 509_1017.h pp copo tipplen k793.jpg 
1882 PP copo MOPLEN EP1006 pellet natural 2 bag Kg. 1.800  2738_pp copo moplen ep1006.pdf 778_1913.h pp copo moplen ep1006.jpg 
1883 PP copo BRASKEM DCSP50.02 pellet natural 5,5 bag Kg. 20.525  3098_pp copo braskem dcsp50.02.pdf 752_759.h pp copo braskem dcsp50.02.jpg 
1887 PP copo MOPLEN G1 HECO pellet natural 10 bag Kg. 150  763_1268.h pp moplen g1 heco.jpg 
1898 PP copo HOSTACOM CR1171 G1A uv pellet black 13 neutral bag Kg. 240  95_pp copo hostacom cr1171 g1a.pdf 294_1838.h pp copo hostacom cr1171 g1a.jpg 
1899 PP copo - pellet blue 10 bag Kg. 478  2881_1179.h pp copo.jpg 
1900 PP copo STAT KON MD000 carbon pellet black bag Kg. 275  2307_pp stat kon md000.pdf 978_223.h pp stat kon md000.jpg 
1911 PP omo II^ tf 40 pellet black bigbag Kg. 1.102  7188_1596.h pp omo ct40.jpg 
1945 PP copo TALCOPRENE C1016M8UEL tf 16 pellet black 10 neutral bag Kg. 379  5322_pp copo talcoprene c1016m8uel.pdf 8056_1101.h pp copo talcoprene 1016m8uel.jpg 
1956 PP copo TALCOPRENE C2020M tf 20 pellet grey 7016 20 neutral bag Kg. 236  915_1087.h pp copo talcoprene c2020m .jpg 
1981 PP omo ALTECH PP-H A20207159 GF20CP gf 20 pellet natural 3 bag Kg. 1.840  2680_pp omo altech pp-h a2020-159 gf20cp.pdf 2018_1903.h pp omo altech pp-h a2020-159 gf20cp.jpg 1762_1907.h pp omo altech pp-h a2020-159 gf20cp.jpg 
1983 PP copo SOFTELL TKG317N gf 25 pellet black 7 bag Kg. 4.925  756_pp copo softell tkg317n.pdf 7637_1935.h pp softell tkg317n.jpg 
1984 PP copo SOFTELL TKG2039N C12897 gf 25 pellet black 11 octabin Kg. 825  495_pp softell tkg2039n c12897.pdf 1342_1393.h pp copo softel tkg2039n c12897.jpg 

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