ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1801 PP copo J-LENE C02 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 4.819  60_pp j-lene c02.pdf 1740_1039.f pp j-lene c02 .jpg 
1802 PP omo J-LENE 01 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet natural bag Kg. 10.420  390_pp j-lene 01 gf30 lc naturale.pdf 2498_649.f pp j-lene 01gf30 lc .jpg 4792_1103.f pp j-lene 01 gf30lc.jpg 
1803 PP omo J-LENE 02 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 12.500  368_pp j-lene 02 gf30 lc nero.pdf 6551_339.g pp j-lene 02 gf 30 lc .jpg 
1806 PP omo TOTAL PPH4022 pellet natural 3 bag Kg. 100  1713_pp total pph4022.pdf 3721_1415.f pp total 4022.jpg 
1807 PP omo TOTAL PPH4060 pellet natural 3 bag Kg. 275  1592_pp total pph4060.pdf 909_1417.f pp total 4060.jpg 
1810 PP omo FLINT HILLS P4G3Z-039 pellet natural 5 bag Kg. 125  2329_pp flint hills p4g3z-039.pdf 488_385.f pp flint hills p4g3z-039.jpg 
1812 PP omo DOMOLEN 1100L pellet natural 6 bag Kg. 183  992_pp domolen 1100L.pdf 8378_777.e pp domolen 1100l.jpg 
1813 PP omo VALTEC HG010 spherical natural 6 bag Kg. 681  1657_pp valtec hg010.pdf 36_151.f pp valtec hg010.jpg 
1814 PP omo I pellet natural 8 octabin Kg. 776  2707_292.g pp .jpg 
1818 PP omo BOREALIS pellet natural 11 bag Kg. 0  2050_341.g pp omo.jpg 
1820 PP omo TOTAL 10000 og pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 650  527_919.f pp total 10000 og.jpg 
1821 PP omo TOTAL PPH7062 pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 442  6418_pp total pph7062.pdf 1975_933.f pp total pph7062.jpg 
1822 PP omo POLYCHIM B10BF pellet natural 14 bag Kg. 820  1702_294.g pp polychim b10bf.jpg 
1823 PP omo POLYCHIM HG10XC pellet natural 14,2 neutral octabin Kg. 3.110  7730_pp polychim hg10xc.pdf 1823_289.g pp polychim hv22xf.jpg 
1826 PP omo ISPLEN PP080 G2M pellet natural 20 bag Kg. 25  2395_pp isplen pp080 g2m.pdf 2215_333.g pp isplen pp 080g2m.jpg 
1830 PP omo POLYCHIM C10BB pellet natural 28 bag Kg. 533  1183_pp polychim c10bb.pdf 3309_295.g pp polychim c10bb.jpg 
1850 PP omo I^ pellet natural 600 bag Kg. 1.271  4243_906.f pp.jpg 
1852 PP random TOTAL PPR3221 pellet natural 1,8 bag Kg. 450  246_pp total ppr3221.pdf 2698_781.f pp total ppr3221.jpg 
1860 PP random INEOS KS407 pellet natural 5 bag Kg. 696  1417_pp eltex p ks407.pdf 1296_782.f pp ineos ks407.jpg 
1861 PP random BOREALIS TD310BF pellet natural 6 bag Kg. 3.793  489_pp borealis td310bf.pdf 5408_617.e pp borealis td310bf.jpg 
1862 PP random BOREALIS TD315BF pellet natural 6 bag Kg. 1.375  1633_pp borealis td315bf.pdf 407_1394.f pp borealis td315bf.jpg 
1863 PP random MOPLEN RP325M pellet natural 8 bag Kg. 925  2447_pp moplen rp325m.pdf 1905_921.f pp moplen rp325m.jpg 
1864 PP random TOTAL PPR7220 pellet natural 10 bag Kg. 175  1117_pp total ppr7220.pdf 3543_1416.f pp total 7220.jpg 
1865 PP random MOPLEN 340N pellet natural 11 bag Kg. 50  2065_pp moplen rp340n.pdf 1100_1459.f pp moplen rp340n.jpg 
1870 PP random BOREALIS RF830MO pellet natural 20 bag Kg. 275  3454_pp borealis rf830mo.pdf 4768_176.g pp borealis rf830mo.jpg 
1871 PP random ELTEX 240-MS23 pellet natural 23 bag Kg. 1.350  2434_pp eltex med 240-ms23.pdf 39_155.g pp eltex 240ms23.jpg 
1875 PP random INEOS 205-CA40 pellet natural 40 bag Kg. 238  1964_pp ineos 205-ca40.pdf 449_1298.f pp ineos 205-ca40.jpg 
1876 PP random SABIC RA12MN40 pellet natural 40 neutral bag Kg. 9.431  5366_pp sabic ra12mn40.pdf 1983_202.g pp sabic ra12mn40.jpg 
1877 PP copo SABIC RELY EK61PS pellet natural 0,3 bag Kg. 50  3348_pp sabic rely ek61ps.pdf 2113_1036.f pp sabic rely ek61ps.jpg 
1878 PP copo BOREALIS BHC5012C pellet natural 0,3 bag Kg. 2.022  1482_pp borealis bhc5012c.pdf 1349_777.f pp borealis bhc5012c.jpg 
1879 PP copo INSPIRE 137 pellet natural 0,8 bag Kg. 2.750  4595_pp inspire 137.pdf 1849_584.f pp inspire 137.jpg 
1880 PP copo ELTEX RF110 pellet natural 0,8 bag Kg. 485  3522_pp eltex rf110.pdf 393_766.f pp eltex rf110.jpg 
1881 PP copo SABIC 83MF10 pellet natural 1,8 bag Kg. 2.741  2669_pp sabic 83mf10.pdf 548_321.g pp sabic 83mf10.jpg 
1882 PP copo ISPLEN PB140G2M pellet natural 3,5 bag Kg. 375  697_pp isplen pb140g2m.pdf 3118_331.g pp isplen pb140g2m.jpg 
1883 PP copo TOTAL PPC4640 pellet natural 3,5 bag Kg. 700  7374_pp total ppc4640.pdf 5343_158.g po total 4640.jpg 
1884 PP copo repro pellet natural 4 octabin Kg. 967  626_1376.f pp.jpg 
1885 PP copo BOREALIS BC142MO pellet natural 5 bag Kg. 340  3160_pp borealis bc142mo.pdf 3060_1399.f pp borealis bc142mo.jpg 
1886 PP copo BOREALIS BD212CF pellet natural 5 bag Kg. 400  2746_pp borealis bd212cf.pdf 2296_1405.f pp borealis bd212cf.jpg 
1887 PP copo BOREALIS TD310BF pellet natural 6 bag Kg. 200  43_pp borealis td310bf.pdf 2921_1414.f pp borealis td310bf.jpg 
1888 PP copo BOREALIS BD712CF pellet natural 7 bag Kg. 300  2165_pp borealis bd712cf.pdf 1574_1406.f pp borealis bd712cf.jpg 
1889 PP copo I^ pellet natural 8 bag Kg. 801  2513_1042.f pp copo.jpg 4539_774.f pp.jpg 
1893 PP copo INEOS pellet natural 11 bag Kg. 21.950  392_316.g pp ineos.jpg 
1894 PP copo CAPILENE RR49 pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 7.500  4397_pp capilene rr49.pdf 98_271.g pp capilene rr49.jpg 2936_272.g pp capilene rr49.jpg 
1896 PP copo ADSTIF EA648P pellet natural 18 bag Kg. 1.375  1480_pp adstif ea648p.pdf 800_322.g pp adstif ea648p.jpg 
1897 PP copo REPSOL PB180 G2M pellet natural 20 bag Kg. 4.075  396_pp isplen pb180g2m.pdf 5190_326.g pp isplen pb180 g2m.jpg 
1898 PP copo MOPLEN EP548R pellet natural 21 bag Kg. 1.375  9_pp moplen ep548r.pdf 3687_325.g pp moplen ep548r.jpg 
1934 PP copo NILENE E12L pellet grey 7011 12 bag Kg. 1.225  6798_pp nilene e12.pdf 1855_493.e pp nilene e12.jpg 
1935 PP copo HOSTACOM CR1171 G1 pellet grey 7016 12 octabin Kg. 2.200  4496_pp hostacom cr1171 g1.pdf 1595_485.e pp hostacom cr 1171 g1 g31406.jpg 
1938 PP omo HOSTACOM M2 U01 tf 15 pellet natural 18 bag Kg. 994  962_pp hostacom m2 u01.pdf 1246_535.f pp hostacom m2 u01.jpg 
1939 PP omo ESTAPROP H1040T8 tf 20 pellet natural 10 bag Kg. 361  657_1327.e pp estaprop h1040t8.jpg 
1947 PP omo INSPIRE TF1500ESU tf 15 pellet black 9,5 octabin Kg. 4.975  5690_pp inspire tf1500esu.pdf 2295_264.f pp inspire tf1500esu.jpg 
1948 PP omo HOSTACOM M2 U08 tf 20 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 686  1489_pp hostacom m2 u08.pdf 3856_262.f pp hostacom m2 u08 .jpg 
1949 PP omo tipo RRTIG tf 30 pellet black 10 bag Kg. 737  3724_1690.e pp rrtig 10t30.jpg 
1952 PP copo DAPLEN EF150HP tf 10 pellet black 22 octabin Kg. 1.065  5417_pp daplen ef150hp.pdf 3444_267.f pp daplen ef150hp.jpg 
1954 PP copo HOSTACOM EYC136N C12716 tf 13 pellet black 22 bag Kg. 4.075  3144_pp hostacom eyc 136n.pdf 2742_1250.f pp hostacom eyc136n.jpg 
1955 PP copo HOSTACOM CR250F C11274 tf 15 pellet black 9,5 bag Kg. 6.159  5922_pp hostacom cr250f c11274.pdf 817_1031.f pp hostacom cr250f c11274.jpg 
1956 PP copo HOSTACOM CR250F G21259 tf 15 pellet black 9,5 bag Kg. 4.125  1320_pp hostacom cr250f g21259.pdf 673_1368.f pp hostacom cr250f g2159.jpg 
1957 PP copo POLIFOR E35 TR-17 tf 17 pellet black 10 bag Kg. 1.300  388_1676.e pp polifor pf e35 tr-17.jpg 
1958 PP copo HOSTACOM TYC240N tf 18 pellet black 23 bag Kg. 775  2669_pp hostacom tyc240n.pdf 161_1424.e pp hostacom tyc240n.jpg 
1959 PP copo POLYFORT FIPP 20T LE K1731 tf 20 pellet black 7 octabin Kg. 2.015  662_pp polyfort fipp 20t le k1731.pdf 1185_268.f pp polyfort fipp 20t le k1731.jpg 
1960 PP copo I^ tf 20 pellet black 10 bigbag Kg. 1.126  77_223.e pp.jpg 
1961 PP copo HIFAX TRC134P 3004 tf 20 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 728  3393_pp hifax trc134p 3004.pdf 4308_38.g pp hifax trc134p 3004.jpg 
1962 PP copo 1,2 tf 20 pellet black 12 bigbag Kg. 967  4989_1427.f pp ct 20.jpg 
1963 PP copo HIFAX TRC134P C12427 tf 20 pellet black 18 octabin Kg. 1.075  5981_pp hhifax trc134p c12427.pdf 2911_271.f pp hifax trc134p c12427.jpg 
1964 PP copo HOSTACOM TRC 352N C12506 tf 20 pellet black 18 neutral octabin Kg. 1.000  668_pp hostacom trc 352n c12507.pdf 79_1161.e pp hostacom trc352n c12507 
1965 PP copo HOSTACOM TRC 352N tf 20 pellet black 18 bag Kg. 2.075  1476_pp hostacom trc352n.pdf 1049_1794.e pp hostacom trc352n.jpg 
1966 PP copo HOSTACOM X M2 V05 357026 tf 20 pellet black 20 bag Kg. 2.997  5888_pp hostacom x m2 v05 357026.pdf 4698_1030.f pp hostacom x m2 v05 357026.jpg 
1971 PP copo INSPIRE TF1305ESU tf 15 pellet grey 7036 9,6 octabin Kg. 3.000  2654_pp inspire tf1305esu.pdf 9504_258.e pp inspire tf1305esu.jpg 
1972 PP copo HOSTACOM EKC425N tf 15 pellet grey 7042 12 bag Kg. 846  1719_pp hostacom ekc425n.pdf 210_172.g pp hostacom ekc425n.jpg 
1973 PP copo NILENE E20 K25 TL tf 25 pellet grey 7015 20 bag Kg. 925  620_488.e pp nilene e20k25t.jpg 
1974 PP copo NILENE E20 K30 TL tf 30 pellet grey 7021 20 bag Kg. 1.500  5702_484.e pp nilene e20k30tl.jpg 
1976 PP copo HOSTACOM X M3 T15 356525 mf 23 pellet black 8 neutral bag Kg. 520  1138_pp hostacom x m3 t15 356525.pdf 318_1221.f pp hostacom x m3 t15 356525.jpg 
1977 PP copo EXXTRAL CMN303 mf 30 pellet black 2,9 bag Kg. 697  27_pp exxtral cmn303.pdf 1924_1800.e pp exxtral cmn 303.jpg 
1978 PP copo FINALLOY EBP-831 mf 30 pellet black 18 octabin Kg. 4.000  1836_pp finalloy ebp-831.pdf 518_1375.f pp finalloy ebp-831.jpg 
1979 PP copo HIFAX X691 301021 mf 40 pellet grey 4 octabin Kg. 1.100  3738_pp hifax x691.pdf 4024_162.g pp hifax x691 .jpg 
1980 PP omo STAMAX 40YM240 lgf 40 pellet black bag Kg. 50  668_pp stamax 40ym240.pdf 749_800.f pp stamax 40ym240.jpg 
1982 PP omo FIBREMOD GB311U gf 30 pellet black 2 bag Kg. 632  2129_pp fibremod gb311u.pdf 560_34.g pp fibremod gb311u.jpg 
1983 PP omo I^ gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 195  3659_1390.f pp fv30.jpg 
2000 PP I^ fr v0 gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 25  2072_828.f pp.jpg 

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