ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1801 PP copo J-LENE C02 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 3.669  60_pp j-lene c02.pdf 1740_1039.f pp j-lene c02 .jpg 1682_569.g pp j-lene c02.jpg 
1802 PP omo J-LENE 01 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet natural bag Kg. 4.375  390_pp j-lene 01 gf30 lc naturale.pdf 4526_698.g pp j-lene 02 gf30 lc .jpg 
1803 PP omo J-LENE 02 GF 20 LC gf 20 pellet black bag Kg. 0  3403_805.g pp j-lene 02 gf20 lc .jpg 
1804 PP omo J-LENE 02 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 18.000  368_pp j-lene 02 gf30 lc nero.pdf 1159_799.g pp j-lene 02 gf30lc.jpg 2921_897.g pp j-lene 02 gf 30 lc.jpg 
1805 PP omo CUYOLEN 1102H pellet natural 1,8 bag Kg. 2.125  1438_pp cuyolen 1102h.pdf 8202_78.g pp cuyolen 1102h.jpg 
1806 PP omo MOPLEN HP456H pellet natural 1,8 bag Kg. 250  2917_pp moplen hp456h.pdf 2116_1120.g pp moplen hp456h.jpg 
1807 PP omo TOTAL PPH4022 pellet natural 3 bag Kg. 100  1713_pp total pph4022.pdf 3721_1415.f pp total 4022.jpg 
1808 PP omo TOTAL PPH4060 pellet natural 3 bag Kg. 275  1592_pp total pph4060.pdf 909_1417.f pp total 4060.jpg 
1813 PP omo VALTEC HG010 spherical natural 6 bag Kg. 681  1657_pp valtec hg010.pdf 36_151.f pp valtec hg010.jpg 
1814 PP omo HOPELEN J-150 pellet natural 10 bag Kg. 75  1264_pp hopelen j-150.pdf 1772_1118.g pp hopelen j-150.jpg 
1816 PP omo INEOS 100-GA12 pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 1.375  1940_pp ineos 100-ga12.pdf 4567_1180.g pp ineos 100-ga12.jpg 
1817 PP omo BOREALIS HOX200NP pellet natural 14 bag Kg. 2.500  3798_1056.g pp borealis hox200np.jpg 
1851 PP random BOREALIS RB707CF pellet natural 1,5 bag Kg. 1.065  3142_pp borealis rb707cf.pdf 112_928.g pp borealis rb707cf.jpg 
1852 PP random TOTAL PPR3221 pellet natural 1,8 bag Kg. 450  246_pp total ppr3221.pdf 2698_781.f pp total ppr3221.jpg 
1860 PP random INEOS KS407 pellet natural 5 bag Kg. 696  1417_pp eltex p ks407.pdf 1296_782.f pp ineos ks407.jpg 
1861 PP random BOREALIS TD310BF pellet natural 6 bag Kg. 3.768  489_pp borealis td310bf.pdf 5408_617.e pp borealis td310bf.jpg 
1878 PP copo BOREALIS BHC5012C pellet natural 0,3 bag Kg. 2.022  1482_pp borealis bhc5012c.pdf 1349_777.f pp borealis bhc5012c.jpg 
1879 PP copo INSPIRE 137 pellet natural 0,8 bag Kg. 2.750  4595_pp inspire 137.pdf 1849_584.f pp inspire 137.jpg 
1880 PP copo MOPLEN EP310D pellet natural 0,95 bag Kg. 1.681  1216_pp moplen ep310d .pdf 1058_929.g pp moplen ep310d.jpg 
1942 PP omo HOSTACOM M2 U08 tf 20 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 486  1489_pp hostacom m2 u08.pdf 3856_262.f pp hostacom m2 u08 .jpg 
1943 PP omo BOREALIS MD441U tf 40 pellet black 6 bag Kg. 504  2130_pp borealis md441u.pdf 3960_892.g pp borealis md441u.jpg 
1944 PP omo TALCOPRENE 340TL tf 40 pellet black 4,5 octabin Kg. 7.220  1967_pp talcoprene 340tl.pdf 532_393.g pp talcoprene 340tl.jpg 
1946 PP copo HOSTACOM TRC 2016N tf 10 pellet black 29 neutral gaylor Kg. 404  157_pp hostacom trc2016n.pdf 497_944.g pp hostacom trc2016n.jpg 
1947 PP copo DAPLEN EF150HP tf 10 pellet black 22 octabin Kg. 1.065  5417_pp daplen ef150hp.pdf 3444_267.f pp daplen ef150hp.jpg 
1948 PP copo HIFAX TKC407X tf 15 pellet black 7 gaylor Kg. 430  1957_pp hifax tkc407x.pdf 1596_1076.g pp hifax tkc407x.jpg 
1949 PP copo HOSTACOM CR250F C11274 tf 15 pellet black 9,5 bag Kg. 6.159  5922_pp hostacom cr250f c11274.pdf 817_1031.f pp hostacom cr250f c11274.jpg 
1950 PP copo POLIFOR E35 TR-17 tf 17 pellet black 10 bag Kg. 1.300  388_1676.e pp polifor pf e35 tr-17.jpg 
1951 PP copo HOSTACOM TYC240N tf 18 pellet black 23 bag Kg. 775  2669_pp hostacom tyc240n.pdf 161_1424.e pp hostacom tyc240n.jpg 
1954 PP copo POLYFORT FIPP 20T LE K1731 tf 20 pellet black 7 octabin Kg. 1.915  662_pp polyfort fipp 20t le k1731.pdf 1185_268.f pp polyfort fipp 20t le k1731.jpg 
1955 PP copo I^ tf 20 pellet black 10 bigbag Kg. 1.126  77_223.e pp.jpg 
1956 PP copo HIFAX TRC134P 3004 tf 20 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 628  3393_pp hifax trc134p 3004.pdf 4308_38.g pp hifax trc134p 3004.jpg 
1957 PP copo HIFAX TRC134P C12427 tf 20 pellet black 18 octabin Kg. 1.075  5981_pp hhifax trc134p c12427.pdf 2911_271.f pp hifax trc134p c12427.jpg 
1959 PP copo HOSTACOM TRC 352N C12506 tf 20 pellet black 18 neutral octabin Kg. 1.000  668_pp hostacom trc 352n c12507.pdf 79_1161.e pp hostacom trc352n c12507 
1960 PP copo HOSTACOM TRC 352N tf 20 pellet black 18 bag Kg. 2.075  1476_pp hostacom trc352n.pdf 1049_1794.e pp hostacom trc352n.jpg 
1961 PP copo HOSTACOM X M2 V05 357026 tf 20 pellet black 20 bag Kg. 2.897  5888_pp hostacom x m2 v05 357026.pdf 4698_1030.f pp hostacom x m2 v05 357026.jpg 
1963 PP copo HIFAX TRC447X tf 22 pellet black 21 bag Kg. 500  875_pp hifax trc447x.pdf 179_1072.g pp hifax trc447x.jpg 
1967 PP copo INSPIRE TF1305ESU tf 15 pellet grey 7036 9,6 octabin Kg. 3.000  2654_pp inspire tf1305esu.pdf 9504_258.e pp inspire tf1305esu.jpg 
1968 PP copo NILENE E20 K25 TL tf 25 pellet grey 7015 20 bag Kg. 925  620_488.e pp nilene e20k25t.jpg 
1969 PP copo NILENE E20 K30 TL tf 30 pellet grey 7021 20 bag Kg. 1.500  5702_484.e pp nilene e20k30tl.jpg 
1970 PP copo DAPLEN EF098HP mf 10 pellet black 20 neutral gaylor Kg. 662  205_pp daplen ef098hp.pdf 1901_945.g pp daplen ef098hp.jpg 
1971 PP copo DAPLEN EG107HP mf 10 pellet black 22 bag Kg. 2.100  1072_pp daplen eg107hp.pdf 3224_1169.g pp daplen eg107hp.jpg 
1972 PP copo FINALLOY SMV-65 mf 10 pellet black 30 octabin Kg. 3.530  1465_pp finalloy smv-65.pdf 4607_1073.g pp finalloy smv-65.jpg 3817_1077.g pp finalloy smv-65.jpg 
1973 PP copo DAPLEN EH104AE mf 12 pellet black 40 octabin Kg. 800  3121_pp daplen eh104ae.pdf 338_1078.g pp daplen eh104ae.jpg 
1974 PP copo HOSTACOM EKC265N 2 mf 20 pellet black 20 bag Kg. 982  3548_pp hostacom ekc265n 2.pdf 554_847.g pp hostacom ekc265n-2.jpg 
1975 PP copo POLIFOR C20 TR/30UV mf 30 pellet black 15 neutral octabin Kg. 8.004  268_pp polifor c20 tr-30 uv.pdf 1510_572.g pp polifor c20 tr-30 uv .jpg 
1976 PP copo FINALLOY EBP-831 mf 30 pellet black 18 octabin Kg. 4.000  1836_pp finalloy ebp-831.pdf 518_1375.f pp finalloy ebp-831.jpg 
1977 PP copo HOSTACOM BR735G mf 20 pellet grey 7024 7 neutral bag Kg. 217  2981_pp hostacom br735g.pdf 4609_937.g pp hostacom br735g.jpg 
1978 PP copo HOSTACOM EKC265N 2 mf 20 pellet grey 7039 20 neutral bag Kg. 337  1178_pp hostacom ekc265n 2.pdf 8571_856.g pp hostacom ekc265n-2 g52590.jpg 
1979 PP copo POLIFOR C25 TE/25 AS mf 25 pellet grey 7016 12 neutral octabin Kg. 380  2578_571.f pp polifor c25 te-25as.jpg 
1980 PP copo HOSTAFORM EKC265N 2 mf 20 pellet brown 8019 20 bag Kg. 553  5883_pp hostacom ekc265n 2.pdf 152_853.g pp hostacom ekc265n-2 d1v821.jpg 
1983 PP omo FIBREMOD GB311U col 8229 gf 30 pellet black 2 bag Kg. 1.176  2917_pp fibremod gb311u.pdf 771_1001.g pp borealis gb311u.jpg 
1984 PP omo FIBREMOD GB477HP gf 40 pellet black 2,7 bag Kg. 850  241_pp fibremod gb477hp.pdf 832_978.g pp fibremod gb477hp.jpg 
1987 PP copo STAMAX 20Yk270 lgf 20 pellet black neutral gaylor Kg. 694  2572_pp stamax 20yk270.pdf 3230_1089.g pp stamax 20yk270.jpg 
1988 PP omo STAMAX 40YM240 lgf 40 pellet black bag Kg. 50  668_pp stamax 40ym240.pdf 749_800.f pp stamax 40ym240.jpg 
1989 PP omo CELSTRAN GF60 0453 P10-10 lgf 60 pellet black neutral gaylor Kg. 1.304  2473_pp celstran gf60 0453 p10-10.pdf 7955_1074.g pp celstran gf60.jpg 
1990 PP copo STAMAX 60YK270E lgf 60 pellet black octabin Kg. 1.100  4559_1070.g pp stamax pp60yk270e.jpg 814_1070.g pp stamax pp60yk270e.jpg 
1991 PP omo POLIFOR 5000/V2 fr v2 pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 418  1168_pp polifor 5000-v2.pdf 2016_587.g pp polifor 5000-v2.jpg 
1992 PP copo POLIFOR 5000/V2-EP fr v2 pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 93  5644_pp polifor 5000-v2 ep.pdf 380_590.g pp polifor 5000-v2 ep.jpg 
1993 PP copo POLIFOR 5220/V2-EP fr v2 mf 20 pellet natural 15 neutral octabin Kg. 2.770  2069_pp polifor 5220-v2 ep.pdf 316_570.g pp polifor 5220-v2.jpg 
1994 PP copo POLIFOR 5230/V2 EP fr v2 pellet beige 12 bag Kg. 1.465  2473_584.g pp polifor 5230-v2 ep.jpg 
1995 PP copo POLIFOR PP FR 7B01 fr v2 pellet beige 1013 15 bag Kg. 653  1404_pp polifor pp fr 7b01.pdf 1313_588.g pp polifor fr 7b01.jpg 
1996 PP copo POLIFOR PP FR 7B01 fr v2 pellet grey 7037 15 bag Kg. 900  3336_pp polifor pp fr 7b01.pdf 402_582.g pp polifor fr 7b01.jpg 
1998 PP copo POLIFOR 6000/V0 AF EP fr v0 pellet grey 7035 15 bag Kg. 75  2843_pp polifor 6000-v0 af ep.pdf 4498_589.g pp polifor pf6000-v0 af ep.jpg 
1999 PP copo POLIFOR 5000/V0 AF EP fr v0 pellet grey 7004 15 neutral bag Kg. 3.650  9167_pp polifor 5000 V0 AF EP.pdf 56_575.g pp polifor 5000-v0 af ep.jpg 

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