ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
1801 PP copo J-LENE C02 pellet black 12 bag Kg. 3.600  60_pp j-lene c02.pdf 1740_1039.f pp j-lene c02 .jpg 1682_569.g pp j-lene c02.jpg 
1802 PP omo J-LENE 01 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet natural bag Kg. 14.920  390_pp j-lene 01 gf30 lc naturale.pdf 5224_277.h pp omo j-lene 01 gf 30 lc .jpg 
1803 PP omo J-LENE 02 GF 20 LC gf 20 pellet black bag Kg. 0  3403_805.g pp j-lene 02 gf20 lc .jpg 
1804 PP omo J-LENE 02 GF 30 LC gf 30 pellet black bag Kg. 0  368_pp j-lene 02 gf30 lc nero.pdf 5260_141.h pp omo j-lene 02gf30lc.jpg 1741_352.g pp j-lene 02 gf 30 lc .jpg 
1805 PP omo CUYOLEN 1102H pellet natural 1,8 bag Kg. 1.025  1438_pp cuyolen 1102h.pdf 8202_78.g pp cuyolen 1102h.jpg 
1870 PP random INSPIRE 364 pellet natural 42 bag Kg. 23.375  95_pp inspire 364.pdf 2699_458.h pp random inspire 364.jpg 
1970 PP copo STAT KON MD000 carbon pellet black bag Kg. 300  2307_pp stat kon md000.pdf 978_223.h pp stat kon md000.jpg 
1988 PP omo STAMAX 40YM240 lgf 40 pellet black bag Kg. 50  668_pp stamax 40ym240.pdf 749_800.f pp stamax 40ym240.jpg 
1989 PP omo CELSTRAN GF60 0453 P10-10 lgf 60 pellet black neutral gaylor Kg. 1.304  2473_pp celstran gf60 0453 p10-10.pdf 7955_1074.g pp celstran gf60.jpg 
1990 PP copo STAMAX 60YK270E lgf 60 pellet black octabin Kg. 1.100  4559_1070.g pp stamax pp60yk270e.jpg 814_1070.g pp stamax pp60yk270e.jpg 
1991 PP omo POLIFOR 5000/V2 fr v2 pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 393  1168_pp polifor 5000-v2.pdf 2016_587.g pp polifor 5000-v2.jpg 
1992 PP copo POLIFOR 5000/V2-EP fr v2 pellet natural 12 bag Kg. 68  5644_pp polifor 5000-v2 ep.pdf 380_590.g pp polifor 5000-v2 ep.jpg 
1995 PP copo POLIFOR PP FR 7B01 fr v2 pellet beige 1013 15 bag Kg. 628  1404_pp polifor pp fr 7b01.pdf 1313_588.g pp polifor fr 7b01.jpg 
1996 PP copo POLIFOR PP FR 7B01 fr v2 pellet grey 7037 15 bag Kg. 875  3336_pp polifor pp fr 7b01.pdf 402_582.g pp polifor fr 7b01.jpg 
1997 PP omo LATENE 7H2W-V0 fr v0 pellet black bigbag Kg. 3.000  3505_pp latene 7h2w-v0.pdf 854_128.h pp latene 7h2w-v0.jpg 
1998 PP copo POLIFOR 5000/V0 AF EP fr v0 pellet grey 7004 15 neutral bag Kg. 2.100  9167_pp polifor 5000 V0 AF EP.pdf 56_575.g pp polifor 5000-v0 af ep.jpg 
1999 PP copo I^ fr v0 pellet nat-nero bigbag Kg. 1.875  6_1330.g pp v0.jpg 
2000 PP omo I^ fr v0 gf 30 pellet grey 7040 bag Kg. 332  4761_1348.g pp fv30 v0.jpg 

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