ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
8110 SAN STAREX HF-5920 pellet transparent 10 original bag Kg. 1.800  7_1594.i san starex hf-5920 .jpg 
8115 SAN TYRIL 905 pellet transparent 13 original bag Kg. 2.622  890_san tyril 905.pdf 3061_1222.i san tyril 905 .jpg 
8116 SAN KIBISAN PN-127 pellet transparent 17 original bag Kg. 725  16_san kibisan pn-127.pdf 903_1901.i san kibisan pn-127 .jpg 
8118 SAN LURAN 358N TR77741 pellet transparent 22 original bag Kg. 2.125  8883_san luran 358n.pdf 7687_201.j san luran 358n .jpg 
8119 SAN KOSTIL B366 2030 pellet transparent 30 original bag Kg. 9.375  2241_san kostil b366.pdf 6658_27.i san kostil b366 2030 .jpg 
8190 SAN I micropellets transparent bag Kg. 62  457_1534.g san .jpg 
8200 SAN I gf 30 pellet natural 10 bag Kg. 55  1229_206.i san gf30 .jpg 
8215 SAN LURAN HH120 pellet black 7 original bag Kg. 50  2743_amsan luran hh120.pdf 5793_1872.h san luran hh-120.jpg 

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