ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
8705 TPC-ET KEYFLEX BT1028D pellet shore D 28 natural 25 original bag Kg. 100  178_tpc-et keyflex bt1028d.pdf 6846_883.i tpc-et keyflex bt1028d .jpg 
8706 TPC-ET HYTREL 3046 pellet shore D 30 natural 11 original bag Kg. 1.580  1703_tpc-et hytrel 3046.pdf 4450_906.i tpc-et Hytrel 3046 .jpg 
8840 TPC-ET ARNITEL EB460 pellet shore D 40 black 40 original bag Kg. 50  5594_888.i tpc-et arnitel eb460 .jpg 
8841 TPC-ET HYTREL HTR8223 pellet shore D 42 black 10 neutral octabin Kg. 7.629  5835_tpc-et hytrel htr8223.pdf 2709_860.c tpc-et.JPG 
8845 TPC-ET HYTREL HTR8139 pellet shore D 44 black 2 neutral octabin Kg. 2.145  3137_tpc-et hytrel htr8139.pdf 3150_859.c tpc-et.JPG 
8848 TPC-ET HYTREL DYM160 pellet shore D 48 black 9 original bag Kg. 100  387_2144.i tpc-et hytrel dym160 .jpg 

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