ID Pol. Brand Grade Filler % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
9007 TPE LAPRENE 83F000822 pellet shore A 44 transparent original bag Kg. 25  627_tpe laprene 83f000822.pdf 784_2017.j tpe laprene 83f000822 .jpg 
9008 TPE MULTIFLEX A5013TAZ1 pellet shore A 50 transparent original bag Kg. 600  2348_320.k tpe multiflex a5013taz1 .jpg 
9009 TPE LAPRENE 83FE00864 pellet shore A 56 transparent original gaylor Kg. 2.983  2696_tpe laprene 83fe00864.pdf 2975_464.j tpe laprene 83fe09864 .jpg 
9011 TPE LAPRENE 83B000972 pellet shore A 78 transparent original bag Kg. 25  1428_2018.j tpe laprene 83b000972 .jpg 
9012 TPE THERMOLAST TC2PAN pellet shore A 23 natural original bag Kg. 50  265_tpe thermolast tc2pan.pdf 187_1826.j tpe thermolast tc2pan .jpg 
9013 TPE THERMOLAST MTM4MED pellet shore A 36 natural original bag Kg. 60  147_tpe thermolast m tm4med.pdf 5749_509.k tpe thermolast m tm4med .jpg 
9014 TPE MEGOL I A40PUG pellet shore A 40 natural original bag Kg. 25  4417_55.k tpe megol ia40pug .jpg 
9015 TPE MEGOL DP0828 pellet shore A 40 natural original bag Kg. 225  6383_1415.j tpe megol dp0828 .jpg 
9016 TPE EVOPRENE G967 pellet shore A 40 natural original bag Kg. 500  5489_tpe evoprene g967.pdf 88_395.k tpe evoprene g967 .jpg 
9017 TPE THERMOLAST M TM4ADT pellet shore A 40 natural original bag Kg. 96  292_tpe thermolast m tm4adt.jpg 1464_510.k tpe thermolast m tm4adt .jpg 
9018 TPE THERMOLAST K TC5PAN pellet shore A 48 natural original bag Kg. 5.049  5214_tpe thermolast k  tc5pan.pdf 2957_386.k tpe thermolast k tc5pan .jpg 
9019 TPE EVOPRENE G968 pellet shore A 49 natural original bag Kg. 525  6261_tpe evoprene g968.pdf 8662_411.k tpe evoprene g968 .jpg 
9025 TPE BADAFLEX TPE-S 50A 1214LD pellet shore A 50 natural original bag Kg. 325  303_325.k tpe bafaflex tpe-s 50a 1214Ld .jpg 
9031 TPE LAPRENE 831000911 pellet shore A 56 natural original bag Kg. 25  2552_485.j tpe laprene 831000911 .jpg 
9085 TPE MULTIFLEX G60A11 BT13893 pellet shore A 60 natural original octabin Kg. 11.766  1087_tpe multiflex g60a11 bt13893.pdf 90_1236.j tpe multiflex g60a11 bt13893 .jpg 
9090 TPE THERMOLAST K TC6MHN pellet shore A 60 natural original bag Kg. 1.555  6257_42.j tpe thermolast k tc6mhn .jpg 
9091 TPE THERMOFLEX 60A5 800 pellet shore A 60 natural original bag Kg. 483  5884_625.k tpe thermoflex 60a .jpg 
9093 TPE THERMOFLEX 65B 801 pellet shore A 65 natural original bag Kg. 575  1300_626.k tpe thermoflex 65b 801 .jpg 
9095 TPE TPSiV 4000-75A-SR pellet shore A 75 natural original bag Kg. 0  3934_tpe tpsiv 4000-75a.pdf 527_2840.h tpe tpsiv 4000-75a sr .jpg 
9098 TPE THERMOLAST K TC 9GPN pellet shore A 89 natural original bag Kg. 1.300  5071_tpe thermolast k tc9gpn.pdf 842_623.k tpe thermolast k tc9gpn .jpg 
9140 TPE NOVAPRENE 11110T pellet shore A 10 black original bag Kg. 675  2997_1618.j tpe novaprene 11110t .jpg 
9142 TPE ALLRUNA VS18071881 pellet shore A 18 black original bag Kg. 32  5747_280.k tpe allruna vs18071881 .jpg 
9146 TPE ALLRUNA VS29050690 pellet shore A 29 black neutral bag Kg. 75  2352_279.k tpe allruna vs 29050690 .jpg 
9147 TPE LAPRENE 8P1901A35C pellet shore A 36 black original bag Kg. 375  1897_2028.j tpe laprene 8p1901a35c .jpg 3107_2028.j tpe laprene 8p1901a35c .jpg 
9148 TPE MULTIFLEX TES A4010 pellet shore A 40 black original bag Kg. 500  1_tpe multiflex tes a4010.pdf 2975_1716.j tpe multiflex tes a4010 .jpg 
9149 TPE MULTIFLEX G45 A21B pellet shore A 45 black original bag Kg. 200  1071_tpe multiflex g45 a21b.pdf 40_1715.j tpe multiflex g45a21b .jpg 
9150 TPE THERMOLAST STP8931/48 pellet shore A 48 black original bag Kg. 157  1555_1599.j tpe thermolast stp8931-48 .jpg 
9151 TPE TEFABLOC TOSL434 50A pellet shore A 50 black original octabin Kg. 689  1277_498.k tpe tefabloc to sl 434 50a .jpg 
9152 TPE MEGOL IA55C UG pellet shore A 55 black original bag Kg. 669  105_1324.j tpe megol I a55c ug .jpg 
9153 TPE THERMOLAST K TF5WKF pellet shore A 55 black neutral bag Kg. 72  1437_tpe thermolast k tf5wkf.pdf 1757_1177.j tpe thermolast tf5wkf .jpg 
9156 TPE LAPRENE 8K1901A55 pellet shore A 57 black original bag Kg. 189  7_tpe laprene 8k1901a55.pdf 3019_1622.j tpe laprene 8k1901a55 .jpg 
9158 TPE THERMOLAST K TC6GPZ pellet shore A 60 black original bag Kg. 205  4015_tpe thermolast k tc6gpz.pdf 644_652.j tpe thermolast tc6gpz .png 
9159 TPE THERMOFLEX 60 70027 pellet shore A 60 black original bag Kg. 519  8516_1151.j tpe thermoflex 60a .jpg 
9160 TPE MULTIFLEX G60A530 pellet shore A 60 black original bag Kg. 3.193  414_631.j tpe multiflex g60a530 .png 
9161 TPE MULTIFLEX TES A6221CUV pellet shore A 62 black original bag Kg. 800  3247_tpe multiflex tes a6221cuv.pdf 6246_632.j tpe multiflex tes a6221cuv .png 
9162 TPE MULTIFLEX TES A6012EVO pellet shore A 64 black original bag Kg. 1.280  391_tpe multiflex tes a6012 evo.pdf 864_630.j tpe multiflex yes a6012evo .png 
9163 TPE THERMOFLEX 65A1 pellet shore A 65 black original bag Kg. 702  137_2309.i tpe thermoflex 65a .jpg 
9164 TPE THERMOLAST K TC6MSZ pellet shore A 65 black original bag Kg. 160  5432_1600.j tpe thermolast tc6msz .jpg 
9165 TPE GIPRENE AT65A pellet shore A 65 black original bag Kg. 25  114_243.k tpe giprene at65a .jpg 
9166 TPE TEFABLOC TOLB989 pellet shore A 65 black original bag Kg. 365  1826_486.k tpe tefabloc to lb 989 .jpg 
9168 TPE LAPRENE 8P901A65 pellet shore A 65 black original bag Kg. 75  454_tpe laprene 8p901a65.pdf 2369_1538.j tpe laprene 8p901a65 .jpg 
9176 TPE THERMOLAST K TC7MLZ pellet shore A 69 black original bag Kg. 265  2483_tpe thermolast k tc7mlz.pdf 669_1049.j tpe thermolast k tc7mlz .png 
9178 TPE LAPRENE 830901813 pellet shore A 72 black original bag Kg. 50  1060_tpe laprene 830901813.pdf 940_486.j tpe laprene 830901813 .jpg 
9179 TPE INTECELL 611 901A73 pellet shore A 73 black original bag Kg. 450  5173_263.k tpe intecell 611 901 a73 .jpg 
9183 TPE ALLRUNA W70S520 pellet shore A 75 black original bag Kg. 240  4480_904.i tpe allruna w70s520 .jpg 
9184 TPE TEFABLOC TOSI 43175A pellet shore A 75 black original bag Kg. 116  4610_568.j tpe tefabloc tosi 431 75a .png 
9185 TPE BADAFLEX 75A 1289 2k pellet shore A 75 black original bag Kg. 221  1010_tpe badaflex 75a 1289 2k.pdf 1075_742.j tpe badaflex 75a 1289 2k .png 
9187 TPE LAPRENE 839901A75 pellet shore A 78 black original bag Kg. 120  6305_tpe laprene 839901a75.pdf 818_475.j tpe laprene 839901a75 .jpg 
9191 TPE SOFTELL TKS209N uv pellet shore A 78 black original bag Kg. 50  143_tpe softell tks209n.pdf 3432_2313.i tpe softell tks209n .jpg 
9192 TPE TEFABLOC TOSI4318 80A pellet shore A 80 black original bag Kg. 218  322_328.k tpe tefabloc tosi 4318 80a .jpg 
9194 TPE LAPRENE 83M925975/C2 pellet shore A 94 black original bag Kg. 875  5469_tpe laprene 83m925975 c2.jpg 4852_tpe laprene 83m925975 c2.jpg 
9250 TPE HIFLEX NM A60 pellet shore A 60 white original bag Kg. 25  5017_74.k tpe hiflex nma60 .jpg 
9255 TPE BERGAFLEX 8303025808BFI pellet shore A 70 white original bag Kg. 1.725  8124_1318.j tpe bergaflex 8303025808bfi .jpg 
9265 TPE I pellet shore A 55 grey 7040 bag Kg. 44  5570_1436.j tpe 55a .jpg 
9266 TPE ENSOFT SL-154-60A pellet shore A 60 grey 7040 original bag Kg. 240  121_tpe ensoft sl 154 60a.pdf 7783_575.k tpe ensoft sl154 60a .jpg 
9270 TPE ENSOFT SL-154-60A pellet shore A 60 grey 7045 original bag Kg. 55  5194_tpe ensoft sl-154-60a.pdf 3643_1370.j tpe ensoft sl-154-60a .jpg 
9275 TPE I pellet shore A 80 grey 7035 bag Kg. 475  7220_1379.j tpe 80a .jpg 
9280 TPE MULTIFLEX TES A8010 pellet shore A 80 brown 8019 original bag Kg. 497  3074_tpe multiflex tes a8010.pdf 2564_507.k tpe multiflex tes a8010 .jpg 

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