ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
9481 TPO DAPLEN EE108AE tf 10 pellet black 10 neutral gaylor Kg. 450  3757_tpo daplen ee108ae.pdf 1474_1249.i tpo daplen ee108ae .jpg 
9485 TPO EXXTRAL CMW203 tf 15 pellet black 40 original bag Kg. 35  1918_tpo exxtral cmw203.pdf 3256_1044.i tpo exxtral cmw203 .jpg 
9486 TPO EXXTRAL HMU210 tf 15 pellet black 12 neutral bag Kg. 200  66_tpo exxtral hmu210.pdf 605_1840.i tpo exxtral hmu210 .jpg 
9490 TPO FINALLOY HXN 86 tf 20 pellet black 14 neutral bigbag Kg. 1.055  148_tpo finalloy hxn86.pdf 64_1845.i tpo finalloy hxn86 .jpg 
9491 TPO EXXTRAL HMU234 tf 20 pellet black 11 original bigbag Kg. 580  1312_tpo exxtral hmu234.pdf 861_1844.i tpo exxtral hmu234 .jpg 
9531 TPO FINALLOY SLV-67HM LG tf 10 pellet grey 7022 20 original bag Kg. 387  338_tpo finalloy slv-67hm lg.pdf 6546_1846.i tpo finalloy slv-67hm lg .jpg 

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