ID Pol. Name Sigla Charge % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
9642 TPU PEARLTHANE D12K85 pellet shore A 85 transparent original bag Kg. 275  2259_1378.i tpu pearlthane d12k85 .jpg 
9652 TPU PEARLTHANE D16N95 pellet shore A 95 transparent original bag Kg. 622  966_tpu pealthane d16n95.pdf 935_2537.h tpu perlthane d16n95.jpg 
9654 TPU LARIPUR 5520 pellet shore D 57 transparent neutral bag Kg. 68  5038_tpu laripur 5520.pdf 2422_433.i tpu laripur 5520 .jpg 
9655 TPU IROGRAN D65H9808 pellet shore D 65 transparent original bag Kg. 21  521_1816.h tpu 65d.jpg 
9690 TPU APILON 52 espanso pellet shore A 55 natural original bag Kg. 406  3214_tpu apilon 52 .pdf 1807_2090.h tpu apilon 52.jpg 
9695 TPU ELASTOLLAN EL75A pellet shore A 75 natural original bag Kg. 45  1415_1332.h tpu elastollan el75a.jpg 
9710 TPU IROGRAN A85C pellet shore A 85 natural original bag Kg. 33  940_tpu irogran a85c.pdf 1328_2148.h tpu irogran a85.jpg 
9713 TPU ESTANE 58244 pellet shore A 90 natural original bag Kg. 103  132_tpu estane 58244.pdf 2089_1466.g tpu estane 58244 .jpg 

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