ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
2504 TPU ELASTOLLAN 1180A 10000 pellet shore A 80 transparent bag Kg. 1.975  1921_tpu elastollan 1180a.pdf 2844_1370.f tpu elastollan e1180a 10000.jpg 
2505 TPU ELASTOLLAN 1185A10XU pellet shore A 85 transparent gaylor Kg. 1.812  359_tpu aelastollan 1185a10x.pdf 2180_1223.f tpu elastollan 1185a10xu .jpg 
2580 TPU ELASTOLLAN EC90A 15HMP pellet shore A 90 natural bag Kg. 50  544_1291.f tpu elastollan ec90a.jpg 

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