ID Pol. Brand Grade Filler % Additives Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
9911 TPV FORPRENE 6NM001A45 pellet shore A 47 natural original bag Kg. 25  5820_tpv forprene 6nm001a45.pdf 1525_230.k tpv forprene 6nm001a45 .jpg 
9915 TPV SANTOPRENE 201-64 pellet shore A 69 natural original bag Kg. 125  416_tpv santoprene 201-64.pdf 1018_1479.j tpv santoprene 201-64 .jpg 
9945 TPV ENFLEX VU42080A pellet shore A 80 natural original bag Kg. 873  353_tpv enflex vu-420-80a.pdf 897_1224.j tpv enflex vu-420-80a .jpg 
9949 TPV SANTOPRENE 8201-80 pellet shore A 85 natural original bag Kg. 950  681_tpv santoprene 8201-80.pdf 1790_1353.j tpv santoprene 8201-80 .jpg 
10000 TPV SANTOPRENE 203-50 pellet shore D 51 natural original bag Kg. 241  659_tpv santoprene 203-50.pdf 1427_1185.i tpv santoprene 203-50 .jpg 
10011 TPV FORPRENE 6NM901A45 pellet shore A 45 black original bag Kg. 25  3041_tpv forprene 6nm901a45.pdf 422_183.k tpv forprene 6nm901a45 .jpg 
10012 TPV TIVILON F55D4 pellet shore A 55 black 23 original bag Kg. 25  5354_tpv tivilon f55 de4.pdf 5009_127.k tpv tivilon f55de4 .jpg 
10015 TPV SANTOPRENE 101-55 pellet shore A 59 black original bag Kg. 0  7139_tpv santoprene 101-55.pdf 4907_901.i tpv santoprene 101-55 .jpg 
10018 TPV SANTOPRENE 121-55W241 pellet shore A 59 black original bag Kg. 480  4088_tpv santoprene 121-55w241.pdf 3893_1742.j tpv santoprene 121-55w241 .jpg 
10020 TPV SANTOPRENE 101-64 pellet shore A 70 black original bag Kg. 1.050  2761_tpv santoprene 101-64.pdf 3631_908.i tpv santoprene 101-64 .jpg 
10025 TPV FORPRENE 6MD901A70 pellet shore A 72 black original gaylor Kg. 233  5685_tpv forprene 6md901a70.pdf 6450_322.k tpv forprene 6md901a70 .jpg 
10050 TPV SANTOPRENE 101-73 pellet shore A 78 black original bag Kg. 1.775  8652_tpv santoprene 101-73.pdf 4632_907.i tpv santoprene 101-73 .jpg 
10052 TPV TAROPRENE 1A80 M1L 99 pellet shore A 80 black 3 original bag Kg. 475  6320_159.k tpv taroprene 1a80 M1L 99.jpg 
10053 TPV TERMOTON-V VNO-32U-85A pellet shore A 85 black original bag Kg. 1.932  6971_409.k tpv termoton-v vno-32u-85a .jpg 
10054 TPV SANTOPRENE 101-80 pellet shore A 87 black original bag Kg. 500  3561_tpv santoprene 101-80.pdf 2900_1585.j tpv santoprene 101-80 .jpg 
10060 TPV SANTOPRENE 101-87 pellet shore A 94 black original bag Kg. 500  8081_tpv santoprene 101-87.pdf 1233_1559.j tpv santoprene 101-87 .jpg 
10085 TPV VYRAM 6111-90 pellet shore A 90 black original bag Kg. 425  2252_1488.j tpe vyram 6111-90 .jpg 

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