ID Pol. Name Caract. Charge % Shape Shore Value Colour Ral mfi Packing Quantity Info Tech.     
2603 SBC STYROLUX 3G46 pellet transparent 11 bag Kg. 25  824_sbc styrolux 3g46.pdf 71_1264.g sbc styrolux 3g46.jpg 
2604 SBC STYROLUX 4G60 pellet transparent 15 bigbag Kg. 1.226  209_sbc styrolux 4g60.pdf 1693_1176.g sbc styrolux 4g60.jpg 
2631 SMMA NAS 30 pellet fumè 10 bag Kg. 445  202_smma ineos nas30.pdf 4611_1398.f smma nas30 tr750004.jpg 
2640 EBA LOTRYL 17BA07T ba 18 pellet natural 7 bag Kg. 25  2289_1332.f eba lotryl 17ba07t.jpg 
2641 EBA LOTRYL 35BA40T ba 35 pellet natural 40 bag Kg. 150  2192_eba lotryl 35ba40.pdf 6906_1331.f eba lotryl 35ba40t.jpg 
2650 ionomero SURLYN PC350 pellet transparent 4,5 bag Kg. 25  5030_io surlyn pc350.pdf 5_387.g io surlyn pc350.jpg 
2651 ionomero SURLYN PC2000 pellet transparent 4,5 bag Kg. 75  5502_emaa surlyn pc2000.pdf 3352_386.g io surlyn pc2000.jpg 

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